Good Deal or Not? “Capitol Gem!” Edition

by Prince Of Petworth April 30, 2010 at 1:00 pm 38 Comments

This house is located at 808 G Street, SE:

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The flier says:

“Capitol Gem! Featured on the Annual House and Garden tour, this stunning, historic residence exudes Southern charm and old world craftsmanship. Originally built in 1867, and extensively restored by the current owners, this 5 bedroom and 4.5 bath residence offers three levels of gracious living, plus a lower level suite.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

I know this is technically two house porns for this week but I couldn’t resist. This house just rocketed up the list of homes I covet… What’s your favorite part? It’s yours for $1,599,000.

Ed. Note: I promise that next week I’ll also try and find some affordable properties. If you come across some interesting properties shoot me an email.

  • Kev29

    F me! That is one beautiful house

  • Anonymous

    Favorite house I’ve seen on here. Absolutely amazing.

  • Anonymous

    love love love

  • Matt

    No way this should sell for 1.5 million, is there?

  • I know everyone’s gonna hate on me…but it just seems like a bit too much for the space of a rowhouse on Capitol Hill.

  • Marco

    holy crap that’s amazing! I love the backyard, built in grill, covered seating area, and big ass atrium. 1.5 mill seems a lot, but its walking distance to the 8th street action and is just enormous. 5 brs plus a huge live in basement!

  • Jake

    WOW, that’s fantastic. What a clever use adaptation of a traditional DC rowhouse. I love the way the building maximizes the privacy and usefulness of the outdoor spaces.

  • pop-up owner

    Awesome. I’d buy it in an instant if I was in the market for a 1.5m dollar house.

  • jcm

    I would much rather have this than any of the other house porn you’ve shown. That’s basically my dream house in my favorite neighborhood.

    • K St.

      100% Agree

  • cappy

    yeah, thats a fantastic house in a fantastic location. and it has a roof deck. and a patio.

  • cappy

    time to break open the piggy bank!
    that place is great.

  • Eric in Ledroit

    absolutely love it. agree with others, this may be my favorite house ever.

  • Anonymous

    Astounded at the popularity of this place.
    I like it too, but …

  • BC

    I love EVERYTHING about it

  • IHeartShaw


  • jm

    favorite part? easy: the skateboarder cutout above the “Peace Out” bed. I assume that’s included.

  • Ragged Dog

    toured it. While amazing from the outside, it looks like it was renovated by a lego maniac on the inside. There’s zero flow inside the house, the style is not maintained from the front rooms to the rear rooms. There are doors that go nowhere and step downs to 1/2 floors all over the place. It’s a monstrosity of a renovation. The kitchen styling doesn’t match the dining room right next to it. Every single room was renovated in a separate decade and it shows.

    Not a great house….

    • Anonymous

      Although I am the one not as impressed as the rest of you guys I have to take issue with this remark.
      Flow. The flow is traditional, not open. If you don’t like that then you might say it doesn’t flow. I disagree.
      It is better than most row houses because it is wide enough to have a side hall so you don’t have to go through rooms to get to other rooms–an old fashioned concept that some appreciate and even prefer (Me for one).
      This is an old house. The fact that the rooms have been done at different times and show different tastes is not necessarily bad. It shows history and has character.
      I have found that most of the people who comment here cannot appreciate anything that is not new, granite, or stainless steel. Open your eyes. Not everything has to be homogenized and digested to produce the same same same.
      A step down and a step up. So what?
      There, I’ve said it.

      • Ragged Dog

        One man’s character is another man’s half done remodel with poorly designed addition.

        I’m not saying it’s unsellable. I’m just saying for $1.5M the “historic” aspect of the house is largely lost due to the renovations over the years not being kept in a coherent style. Sometimes that works well, I’d argue that this one doesn’t. It’s got all the pieces of a really nice property, but it looks like it was glued together.

        At the $1.5M mark in Capitol Hill, I’d expect a house in a historic district to look largely historic. Instead you have a historic house in the front rooms, a fully renovated kitchen with a completely different color scheme and style and a two story rear glass and metal wall with a floating hallway that goes nowhere. In the upstairs you have a beautifully modern renovated master bedroom down the hall to bedrooms renovated not at all in a historic manner and choppy (the bathroom connected to the bedroom requires a full step down…can we say ‘death’ in the middle of the night?). You also have a roof deck where one of the doors goes to a 5 foot high drop down to the stair landing.

        Like I said, I’m sure it will sell. But there’s a big difference between the stills you see online and when you actually walk through it. I agree, it has character. Good luck. I’ll keep an eye out for the selling price and the days on the market.

        • Anonymous

          I will agree that it may not be value for money.

    • Zone 2

      Agree with Ragged Doll. Haven’t visited the house, but from the pics it’s a disappointment, especially for the price. And if it really is a bad reno (doors that lead no where? choppy flow? sounds like there was no consideration of a “larger vision” for the house), then that’s such a pity. Great curb appeal, but it’s definitely lacking.

  • MK

    I must be missing something about this place.

  • I’ve been in this house! Ragged Dog has a point, but I still love it (and have a door that goes nowhere myself). And, it’s a half a block off of 8th street on a block that’s patrolled by Marines. Love it.

  • ZCF

    I’m not too impressed either.

    It doesn’t have central AC, for one thing.

    Also, the bedrooms are really ugly.

    I would expect more for $1.5M

    • Anonymous

      The flier says it does have central air conditioning.
      And the ugly bedrooms? Do you mean the decor, i.e. the paint colors and the furniture.
      So, what do you really think?

    • It doesn’t? The listing says it does…

  • ET

    This place is old so likely it was one if not the only in the area at the time – likely why it is a bit larger than the norm. Generally streets with state names and East Capitol are the ones with the truly bigger houses like that.

    It is right across from the Marine Barracks and obviously near 8th so if that garage doesn’t have parking that is a BIG negative because street parking around there can be a bear (esp. on Fridays when the Marines have their parade) and for that price in that area I would expect it.

    It seems a bit overpriced even considering size and location.

    • Ragged Dog

      The parking garage and the back garden are probably the coolest parts of this house. The garage is big enough for a single car.

      I think the Marine Barracks is going through some kind of expansion. The fort no longer meets standards for being set back far enough from the road to avoid a car bomb. It’s an open debate whether there are going to be significant changes on this block to accommodate the base.

      • Yes, they are, but this house won’t be affected.

        The current version of the CIMP has them looking hard at moving south, toward VA Ave. now that tearing down Tyler and/or Potomac Gardens is off the table. Sadly, it looks like they’ll be going head-to-head with CSX over who can tear down Dog-Ma and the VA Ave. Community Garden first.

        You can read more about the CIMP here: http://sedistrictcimp.com/Default.aspx

  • mappo

    It’s quite nice, but it won’t get $1.6M. Maybe an even million, if they’re lucky, but prolly more like $900K.

    • Fig Newton

      Do you follow Hill real estate? This will go for more than $900K. We paid $700K for a house half this size on the hill less than 6 months ago.

  • Anonymous

    i lived in that house for a year in the 3rd floor apt it’s lovely …close to everything interesting on the hill and i always felt safre with the marine barracks accross the street……..and the marines were always so polite and well….marines.. hope they do wll with the sale!

  • SG

    F’in awesome… dear god it’s beautiful

  • I did a home inspection of the Marine Commandants house 2 weeks ago and I kept looking out the windows at this place. It looks great on the exterior. The interior appears to be a matter of personal preference. If you can afford this house, you can afford an interior decorator, enough said!

  • I just went past this house while I was running errands, and it’s open on Sunday if anyone wants to check it out for themselves!

  • Liz

    I saw it today–it was fabulously eye catching and I see everyone’s points (except it is worth so much more than $900,000, that is ridiculously low), but thought the house was unified, considering a family lives there, with boys that like blue and skateboards and parents that like yellows, reds and black. You can’t live in a museum. The facade is lovely and the backyard space is ingenious for the Hill. People live on the Hill in the here and now, not in the past, so expect 1870’s consistencies to run amok.

  • Beezil

    I have always adored this house from the outside when driving by. So I was so excited to check it out when they had an open house. I COMPLETELY agree with Ragged Dog. Total disappointment. At least have the house be one period. It does look like it is a mixture of 80s reno, 90s reno (with the bridge to nowhere) and a really modern kitchen. All of this within a house then when you walk in looks very historic. The outside terrace was awesome. If the house was kept all historic (in its style) I could justify the pricetag. I live in a historic home on the Hill as well, and one of the biggest issues I have when we fix something up is how can we modernize this house without losing the character. That thought was totally overlooked on this house.


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