• Anonymous

    Damnit, knew I was missing a step. Hand in the bag, hand in the bag

  • Dave

    Seriously though, I bet you’d be surprised at the number of Ivy League-educated dog owners in this town who are “doing it wrong.”

  • blittle

    That’s nothing. At the Shaw Dog Park they actually have signs asking people to please use bags when disposing of their pet’s waste. Which begs the question, who in the park was picking up dog poop with bare hands?

  • briefly

    This is a good idea for DC. Lets think of other common sense signs that instruct people on how not to be a danger to themselves and others. “1: Put gun in drawer. 2: Leave it there. 3: Don’t go pop.” Etc etc etc…

  • Anonymous

    I think the “non-baggers” are using those pooper-scooper shovel things. Still gross, unbagged poo in the trash can is horrible for the folks emptying the trash can. And, if you use one of those to put poop in someone’s person trash can you are an even bigger asshat than the folks who toss bagged dog poop in my trash can. I don’t even want to think about where they keep the poo covered scooper in their house, it that just in the foyer next to your umbrella?

  • jaynuze

    I wish my dog’s poop was shaped like home fries. Sure would make it easier to pick up!

  • Anonymous

    Judging from the horrible smell of the 11th Street dog park, quite a few people aren’t following directions.

  • TaylorStreetMan

    Skip a step: hold the baggie under your dog’s arse and catch it before it even hits the ground! Nice.

  • Disgusting…


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