• Anonymous

    Nice, but it would like a lot nicer if they put the original columns,railings and newel post back on. Doesn’t cost a whole lot and would make the house look great-

    • Perry

      How much do you think that costs? I’d like to do that myself, but I haven’t investigated the cost.

  • Maria

    Very very very proud of ouy guys!!! Looks very cute :)

  • ak47

    Love it!! It looks like a lot of work went into this…definitely inspires me to get to work on my own garden.

  • Rosalba

    Congratulations !

  • PetworthRes

    great job! I love the stars, the new porch swing, and the bench in the yard. Congrats also on going grass-free :)

    I can appreciate the comment about replacing original columns (we have the same iron replacements as this house), but honestly if I have to choose between central AC or columns, or new couches or columns, or renovating a bathroom…the columns lose out. Maybe once we’ve managed to fix ~everything~ then the porch renovation might happen.

  • Belpola

    Congratulations! Now, It looks like a garden, a beautiful garden with new seats. I love the stars on the wall!… Also Love u!


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