Future Petworth Farmers Market Moving Forward, Slowly.

by Prince Of Petworth April 9, 2010 at 11:30 am 15 Comments


I’ve been getting lots of emails from folks asking for an update. The Interim Coordinator Larry Chang has been kind enough to do so:

“We had an initial setback when the non-profit we were expecting to sponsor the market declined so we’re looking for another sponsor or will create our own non-profit if necessary. In the meantime, we’re in the process of getting vendors interested, getting the support of local merchants so we can get Councilmember Bowser’s endorsement.

We had originally planned for a Thursday market but responses seem to favor Saturday. We’re running an online poll here:

I vote Saturday! If you’d like to see a larger PDF of the map above you can click here – PetworthMarketSite

Whether it’s Thursday or Saturday, I’m digging the location.

  • caballero

    What’s with the proposed art gallery on Varnum between Georgia and Kansas (far right side of map)? Right now, there are several houses on that block.

    Are there plans for the Pizza Hut?

    There are a number of seemingly underutilized commercial properties on 9th between Uphshur and Varnum/Kansas…..any news about them?

    • I am with you. The Pizza Hut property could put to much better use.

      • mbk

        What’s wrong with the Pizza Hut??

  • Anonymous

    Yay for a Petworth farmers market!! Cannot wait. And my vote is strong for SATURDAY.

  • Rob Mandle

    I help coordinate a market in Crystal City. Saturday might be a challenging date to start a market since it is the most popular market day at other locations (i.e., risky to set up shop at a new location that devotes resources from elsewhere). Sometimes it is better to start with a weekday and work up to the weekend move.

    Originally posted hours of 2 to 7 PM are also a bit long. Many farmers’ have to drive a long way to get to the market so I have found it better to focus on a 4 hours window. 3 to 7 PM is a good one as it captures many folks on their way home from work.

    • not a Crystal City devotee!

      Why in god’s holy name would someone from Petworth travel to the most sterile suburb of Crystal City to buy fresh produce if it is available a mere 10 minute walk from their house???

      captha = hobble democratic

      • The Centzon Totochtin

        Seriously? No need to snark on that guy for pointing out the obvious- Mount Pleasant and Columbia Heights both have Saturday morning farmers markets that clash with each other already. Do we want yet another market in our neighboring neighborhoods on the same day? I don’t know about those afternoon hours as well, sounds like they would be great for a weekday, but morning/early afternoon hours would seem to be better for a weekend. How about Sunday?

  • Anonymous

    What else should residents expect in the next year or so? Is the Safeway still considering a makeover? What about Billy Simpsons? Any other projects you guys know of?

  • RD

    pretty sure all the good farmers already do saturday and sunday markets in dc, no? the new CH market is going to be on saturday too, right? i would rather have it be a different day than CH.

  • PT Varnum

    Remember people- vote early, vote often.

    Captcha: campaign coking

  • Petworthian

    SATURDAY. People in Petworth work for a living and some of us work late. We can’t all saunter down to the farmer’s market in our pjs after a day of websurfing.
    ALSO – don’t worry about “competition.” It’s called EXPANSION and business growth. Hire a couple of new German ag students for the summer, part-timers, whatever! I know I always went to the closest farmer’s market in AM and NEVER to Mt. P before I moved, because it’s just closer. They were both mobbed, really not an issue. The customer is always right.
    P.S. Wouldn’t mind a little price competition for the overpriced produce at Yes, just sayin’. We give them lots of beer money, they will survive.

  • Petworthian

    One more thing – seems like the closer to the Metro, the more successful it would be. Three blocks north is great for me but I’d bet a sidewalk market in front of Sweet Mango would do well.

  • oliveskinnednica

    can anyone give us information on the rest of the information on this map? e.g. the “revitalization of Upshur St?”

  • caballero

    Does anybody know about the Christian Church across from Yes Market (east side of Georgia)? Is a renovation underway? The sign is gone and I have seen people working inside.

    • PetworthRes

      that building was for sale a year or more ago, but I don’t know if it ever sold…


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