Alero to have soft opening in Tivoli Columbia Heights Location Sun. Night

by Prince Of Petworth April 28, 2010 at 9:41 pm 42 Comments

Thanks to all the readers who wrote in about the new signage here. This is of course the old Rumberos location in the Tivoli at 3345 14th St, NW. I chatted with the GM who said there will be a soft opening Sunday evening and they will be gearing up for a big party on Cinquo de Mayo on Wed.

  • Anonymous

    Cinquo? Come on, PoP…

    • PetworthChicana

      yeah, come on..

  • Jason

    Would it seriously kill this city if they opened an independent restaurant in any of these places? I mean – Alero, Sala Thai, Ruby Tuesday’s…. or is this just what America is now, and if I want any sort of non-corporate variety I need to move to Canada or Europe?

    Jesus f’ing Christ.

    • Eric in Ledroit

      i know, it’s crazy that there are NO independent restaurants in DC. None whatsoever.

      • thbibliophile


        Why would people go to Alero’s over Rumbrero’s which was local, independent, had its own unique character – and hosted local musicians….

        I don’t get it. Yes, Alero has great margaritas, but I’d sacrifice a kick-ass margarita for real support of local business and DC having/retaining it’s own character…

        But then I’m confused about why there’s a Chipotle in the heart of Columbia Heights/Mt. Pleasant….ooopps not allowed to talk about the Chipotle…

    • denabdc

      It’s not so much the city, but in this economic climate, I’m pretty sure no independent restaurant hopeful would be able to 1) get a loan to open a restaurant and 2) have any financial reserves to float the new restaurant until it became profitable or prop it up if it was struggling. Looking at the “success” of Rumberos or the sushi/Mayorga place on the corner, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Alero that it lasts the year.

    • Anonymous

      Shall we charter a plane?

  • Jay’O

    Wow – I’ve been working too hard if I didn’t know this was coming!

  • I drink CH Kool Aid

    Jason, get over yourself. Alero is a DC-based restaurant and IS independently owned.

    I vote for you to move to Canada so we don’t have to listen to your “too cool for school” crap on this blog.

  • Kramny Raltz

    They are. Thery just mostly sucks though. I’m propose you stop your boring job and try it out. Maybe youre the one to open a good independent restaurant. Who knows if you have it in ya or maybe this is where you do your best work (reply to comments in blogs all day).

    • Kramny Raltz

      Sorry this was to Eric in Ledroit comments about no independent restaurants. I own 3 of them and its a labor of love my friend.

      • Petworth Newbie

        I think Eric was kidding?

  • jason,
    the reason people are so rudely bagging you is because we here in dc have been trying so desperately hard just to get any business to open up and its frustrating to hear negative talk when positive things are finally happening. i say finally because its still relatively new that we’re progressing not declining. if you want places to go, its the reality that chain and trusted business plans will be in the mix. i hear you that it can feel like we take steps closer to homogenization when multiple places open up. i mean is it really so hard to go across town for a restaurant you like? do we need access to the exact same things in our hoods? no. we don’t.

    btw, cananda and europe have corporation and chains too.
    restaurants are very likely to fail. hell, even art galleries have a better chance of making it than restaurants. f*cking art galleries!

    would you sink your money into one? is you 401k invested in places with one location?

    while a restaurant provides a service, its also a business and investors want to make money, so more money is available to those with a history of success.

    and yeah, i hate chains too.

  • Jason

    Sorry fellas, I’m new in town. I’m slowly learning how much this neighborhood sucks. Very slowly. I’m also glad to hear it’s improving.

    • Meridian PL

      Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of town.

    • xango

      please go back to whence the fudge you came. asshat!

      omfg! i’m so tired of transplants in Columbia Heights talking about how bad the neighborhood is. If the neighborhood’s bad, your johnny-come-lately ass doesn’t know the half. It was rough. people like YOU – would not dare walk the streets even in daylight a decade ago. So save it.You’re entitled to your opinion, but you betray a deep ignorance and probable bigotry when you make comments like that.

      screw your improvement!

  • Stoney Danza

    Jason, Don’t fret! I think I hear the wahmbulance coming for you.

  • E

    Hey guys, so I live about a block from here. Could anyone tell me why I would choose Alero over the solidly delish El Rinconcito II also only a few blocks away?

    The one time I went to Alero it seemed like standard, americanized, nothing special Mexican. I’m hoping my initial impressions are wrong because I would love to have a great new restaurant in the area.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Outdoor seating change of scenery?

    • saf

      There is no reason.

    • GforGood

      Please don’t say “delish”. Thanks in advance! ;-)

  • dirt

    I like El Rinconcito as well, but at least Alero doesn’t blast cumbia music for no apparent reason.

    Will there really be outdoor seating at Alero?

  • Roxanna

    Social is not a chain.

  • Petworth Newbie

    Because you are bringing your mother in law to eat there?
    Captcha: polecats United

  • halfsharkalligatorhalfman

    Personally I hate the idea of a new ‘chain’ restaurant in Columbia Heights. I’d much rather have that storefront left empty until Wonderland decides to expand to 14th street. All of the other restaurants in the area are always completely empty, so who needs another option for food and drink? There really is just too much outdoor seating around here already.

    • Meridian PL

      You don’t live here, do you. ALL restaurants here are ALWAYS COMPLETELY empty? Too much outdoor seating?? I guess The Heights and Wonderland are excessive for you, huh?

      • satan

        Pretty sure that was a joke

        • halfsharkalligatorhalfman

          Outdoor seating is no laughing matter.

    • GforGood

      If Wonderland expanded, it would be come a chain, no? ;)

  • bellagirl

    This is response to halfman’s comments. So, you would rather have empty storefronts right? Do you live in this area? Do you support this area? Empty storefronts mean declining property values and a depressed area. I live around the corner from there and yes, I own my townhouse. So, I would rather have filled storefronts with thriving businesses than empty ones. I would also take a chain restaurant than an outpost of Wonderland with drunk wandering quasi hipsters who think they know it all.

    • JBE

      Think/hope he’s being sarcastic.

      • halfsharkalligatorhalfman

        JBE, thanks for not being an idiot.

        • Jacob and Bella Forever

          You’re the idiot, sharkboy. Stay over at Wonderland and off of 14th.

  • sweet!

    That was fast!

    I think this will do really well. From what I remember of Rumberos it is much bigger than Rinconcito so will be much better for groups. And, I assume they still have the bar – so this will also be a hangout/spend a couple of hours spot as opposed to Rinconcito.

  • Anonymous

    Crappy food in a crappy place and everyone jumps for joy because it’s better than an empty storefront. Columbia Heights: Land of low expectations. It’s like battered womens’ syndrome for neighborhoods.

  • Redhead

    Holy overuse of multiple fonts, Batman!

    That said, it’s good to see something in this spot.

  • Shawn

    Wow, that was blazing fast. They obviously have used their experience in opening up the other restaurants in DC to open this place quickly.

  • Brian

    Wow, some negative nellies out there! I’m thrilled Aleros is coming. Love their U Street location and great happy hour.

  • Cait B

    Some nice happy hour margaritas sound great right about now, but for good mexican I think I’ll walk the extra couple blocks up to TDF.

    Does any one think Alero could really beat TDF in a taste test?

    I suppose it could after a couple pitchers, but my stomach growls just thinking about TDF’ veggie tostadas and amazing avocado salsa… but maybe that’s just me!

  • Anonymous

    Alero is solid and am glad they are coming in to CH.

  • BB

    Well, I work at the new Alero that you all are talking about abd our soft opening was very successful. A lot of people were excited that we moved into the neighborhood and they said they were coming back everyday and I’ve seen them. There will be a great happy hour and delicious food and a patio. It is independently owed by a man named Victor who just so happened to get it right and was able to build another one. I think its going to rock and not just because I work there but because of the staff, location and the diverse crowd it will attract. Im the bartender so I urge you all to come see me!!! Hope to see you on Cinco De Mayo, for those that can’t spell.

  • victoria

    Gorgeous orange umbrellas on the sidewalk. Nothing can taste too bad in their glow. Or you could just lick them. . .


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