New Tavern Coming to 14th and Florida Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth March 21, 2010 at 9:23 pm 9 Comments


Thanks to a reader for sending the great news:

“I was walking past today at Solea and saw this alcohol license in the window for Du Vin Osteria. A wine bar and small plates restaurant with seating for 199 and patio seating for 28. Very exciting news, especially with Pica taco moving in across the way.”

The alcohol license says:

“New tavern. Small plates. Formaggi selections and Charcuterie selections. Occupancy load 199. Sidewalk Café seating for 28.”

I’m psyched to hear they’ll also have a sidewalk cafe.

We discussed the non profit going into Solea here.

Update: Thanks to a reader for sending a bit more info from a Facebook page:

Du Vin Osteria was conceived as a wine and tapas bar found in rural towns in the South of France and Northern Italy. I liked both places so much I wanted to mesh the best of both worlds and create a rustic unpretentious place where people gather to savor wines, artisanal /seasonal beers, swanky drinks and eat hearty small meals while indulging in conversation or reading the paper. We also will have an outdoor café with table service to dine alfresco for your most enjoyment during the spring and summer seasons.

Our Wine selection will be dynamic and embody not only excellent vintage but also simple “vin de table” wines for on-site consumption. We will also have in hopes in the future months have a section of the Osteria particularly on the lower level called The Du VinMarket that will comprise of wines, artisanal and seasonal beers for retail purchase to go.

The food will be comprises of a variety of small plates, great bread, International cheeses, bruschettas, charcuterie, olives, desserts and more to be shared with one another.

I hope to give an enjoyable sense of comfort, away from our daily hectic schedule; a throw back to some old rustic country living…where time stands still for Du Vin…

David M. Shott-Proprietor

Comments (9)

  1. Formaggi and Charcuterie – is that actually on the license application?

  2. i love seeing what’s in the reflections

  3. Sidewalk seating = win
    Possibly another wine bar with overpriced short pours = hope not.

  4. Perhaps that encorages the view 14 to have someting fun on their store front

  5. Just what D.C. needs another overpiced “small plates” restaurant. (please note the sarcasm).

  6. Who comes up with this pretentious garbage? I’m going to bet this is going to be another style over substance spot. I’ll also wager Social may have some competition for the critic’s “Worst thing I ate in 2010” piece out of this place. Can’t wait to see if the menu includes IntangibleArts diamond-crusted minotaur eggs.

  7. POP, I’m very disappointed in you censoring my comments.

  8. Wow, a few comments deleted here. PoP, did this Shott guy lean on you?


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