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Lots of Action Coming to 14th Street, NW

by Prince Of Petworth March 15, 2010 at 9:44 pm 18 Comments


We’ve noted most of these stores have closed. But I always keep my eyes peeled for paper to cover the windows because that means work is being done and it won’t be left vacant. So stay tuned for lots of development. Above of course is located just south of U St.


Paper just went up on the Swann Cleaners across from Black Cat on 14th.


Paper has also gone up at the other laundry near 14th and Q has paper up. Of course paper doesn’t guarantee that movement will be rapid but it is an encouraging first step.

And after the jump there is also movement at one spot on Connecticut Ave north of Dupont Circle.


  • i’d put money on the swann dry cleaners being demolished more than anything else. that’s part of the block-long development that’s planned from s to swann on 14th

  • bman

    I heard the Shirt Laundry place was being developed by the owners of Vida or Results can’t remember which, but it’s going to be a burger place/Diner feeling! would be an awesome spot on 14th st.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I’ve heard a few rumors about that spot as well but last I heard no lease has been signed yet. But it def. looks like it’s gonna be some sort of restaurant.

  • 14th Street Guy

    A leasing broker friend told me this weekend that the former Seafood and Crab spot is becoming a gourmet Chicago Hot Dog restaurant. Oddly he also mentioned that place on Conn Ave which according to him is becoming a Dolcezza Gelato.

    • I smell a Chicago salad dog versus halfsmoke smackdown. Oh, sorry. That’s just gas.

    • Anonymous

      The chicago hot dog place in AdMo failed, so not sure why this one would succeed.

      • Maybe this place will use proper Kryptonite green relish instead of expired Thousand Island dressing.

  • But I thought Seafood & Crab was under new management! All they needed was a few more decades and they woulda had that whole rancid seafood thing licked.

  • any update on when Barton Seavor’s seafood place might open on 14th (or have I totally missed the boat on it)?

  • Smoove T

    I was so disappointed to see that Seafood & Crab closed, only because it’s the most ridiculous name for a restaurant ever.

    I always imagined that they would open sister restaurants, and give them similar, awful names. Here were my top suggestions:

    Beef and Steak
    Poultry and Chicken
    Pasta and Spaghetti

    … and so on.

  • Marco

    As for the Vida guy opening up in the swann dry cleaners, I believe he had signed a lease for the space across the street to the south (the old travel book store). If you notice, that book store space has removed the artwork that was temporarily being shown while the owner sought to lease. From what I remember he was going to transform it into a bakery and something else (read the last sentence in this article:)

    What Im really excited about though is Stadium DC opening up any day on Queens Chapel Road.

    • Dog walker

      What’s stadium DC and whereabouts on QC Rd?

    • second what dog walker said. is this near rhode island ave., or down near the club district in the warehouses near bladensburg?

      • Voyeur

        I believe what he’s referring to is the fancy new multi million dollar gentlemen’s club opening up near them warehouses.

  • Marco

    i take it back, it is the old dry cleaning store he has his eyes set on.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve often pondered this “Daddy & Son” name. Is it an all-too-typical case of someone having a weak grasp on the English language, or does it have some deeper meaning that has eluded me?

  • Mistr Knucklz

    The old brown-paper-in-the-window signal that the Man is moving forward with the Plan. Before ya know it, there will be brown paper in all the windows of the Reeves Center, Mickey D’s, and the local check-cashing joint. I knew them gentryfiers was up to no good.


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