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Dear PoP – What Happened at XX/JJ show Sunday Night?

by Prince Of Petworth March 29, 2010 at 9:06 pm 17 Comments


“Dear PoP,

Can you get any dirt as to what happened at the JJ/XX show last night at 6th and I Synagogue? I was at the 8pm show, and JJ is a two person band, but only one girl got up on stage, pushed play on her CD, and sang on top of it/over it. It was really weird karaoke style. Then the guy got up on stage and interrupted her song with a bear hug, then picked up a guitar and played 2 chords, and then they both walked off the stage. The performers were totally cracked out and it was the lousiest performance ever, but I can’t figure out how they get away with this. The audience (myself included) were literally cracking up in laughter at how ridiculous it was. She also set up a slideshow pointed at the side of her head so no one could see it. It sounds too ludicrous to be true but…

Anyway, XX was awesome, but I think the entire audience left wondering if it was all a big joke rather than a legitimate band.”

Bizarre. I’ve emailed the promoters from 6th and I but I think they have the day off for Passover. So did any other readers attend this show Sunday night? What’s the scoop?


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