Washington, DC

Photo via creative commons from Anosmia

I stopped by for a drink last night and learned some very interesting news – all of the crazy memorabilia is being removed. Apparently it belongs to a (possibly defunct) museum in Baltimore. I asked the bartender what the new theme would be and he said he wasn’t sure.

And here’s even crazier news from twitter – @HStreetDC writes:

“H St’s @RedandBlackBar and Palace of Wonder will have new partnership: Red and Black Palace. Great new burger joint, bigger bands


Joe Englert presenting plans to ANC’s ABL committee to combine Palace of Wonders and @RedandBlackBar.”

I also asked the bartender about this but he said he hadn’t heard about it. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

Update: More from HStreetDC in the comments:

“Englert and Nicklas presented the merger to the ANC6a ABL committee on Tuesday night. They have to tear out a second floor wall between the two places and even out the floor levels to make one big performance space with a good stage. They can get national level bands with the additional space. The burlesque-type acts will still be featured several nights a week.
They’ll add a real kitchen with American food, featuring gourmet burgers. Food probably by Folkman and Cashion.

Why the ABL? Two liquor licenses, two voluntary agreements. They’ll have to merge them and that requires bureaucratic changes.”


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