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A Peek Inside H Street, NE’s Liberty Tree

by Prince Of Petworth March 17, 2010 at 11:30 am 5 Comments


Never a dull moment along H Street, NE. Because of the rapid changes I’ve recruited Nick and Amelia (of Cabin Fever video fame) to be an extra set of eyes and ears for me. Nick sends in photos of the newly opened Liberty Tree restaurant located at 1016 H Street, NE. You can see their menu here.


Stay tuned for lots more development news from H St, NE (including some fresh scuttlebutt).


  • Sunny Florida Avenue

    Scuzzlebutt is a creature that lives up on this very mountain, and kills anybody who dares climb to the top.

    It loves the taste of blood, and likes to add pieces to its deformed body.

    On his left arm, instead of a hand, he has…. A piece of celery.

    He walks with a limp. Because one of his legs is missing. And where his leg should be, there’s nothing but……..Patrick Duffy.

    So he lives alone on this mountain, and weaves baskets, and other assorted crafts. They say that on quiet nights you can hear him weaving his baskets. Tahink, tahink , tahink

    • MnomeNa

      New season starts tonight!

  • H street resident

    We went last week and had a really nice time. The beer/wine list is good. The food is simple but well-cooked and very tasty–and also reasonably priced. The place was hopping but we didn’t have a long wait. We are very excited to have a new dinner spot in the ‘hood–especially one that isn’t just a bar that serves food.

    Come check it out–I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    was there last friday for dinner and it was delicious and reasonably priced. we tried the clams, calamari, white bean dip, arugula salad and a pizza. went pretty basic on the pizza and it was decent – crust was definitely yummy. the only thing that left anything to be desired was the white bean dip. it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t very special. the rest of our dishes were very good. as was the prosecco!

    the decor is simple, warm and inviting and the service was pretty good. everyone was very nice. saw a lot of neighborhood peeps and talked to a couple who enjoyed their meal as well. we went pretty early so were seated right away; by the time we left it was hopping and there was a line. wishing this place much success!

  • H St. too

    Being a big fan of brick oven pizza, I also went there last week upon opening, and I definitely agree. The food was good, the staff friendly, the prices fair, and it definitely appears that they are in it for the long haul. Another great addition to H St.! BTW – I had the Super G Pizza (or something like that) which was quite tasty.


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