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Wanna Go To the Georgetown Vs. Villanova Game on Sat.?

by Prince Of Petworth February 4, 2010 at 10:49 pm 63 Comments


If you live relatively close and/or aren’t afraid of a mere super snow storm then I’m happy to offer up 5 pairs of tickets to Saturday’s game at the Verizon Center courtesy of DC Lottery. I have to send over your names by noon on Friday. So leave a comment if you wanna go to the game and I’ll announce the winners by 11am in order to have your names emailed to me by noon. And I’ve been told that Villanova is getting to DC early Friday so no matter how much snow comes down the game is on. Thanks again to DC Lottery for providing the tickets.

  • Sam

    Yes PoP! I’m in! I’m in!

  • John Nielands

    I’d love to go! Please put me in!

  • Me! I need a reason to return to downtown DC after gentrification pushed me out to the burbs. Prince I always thought you is a wise guy, gimme one thanks.

  • Amber

    Bring it.

  • BNW

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • PTRQ

    Yes!, it would be great to see Nova destroy the Hoyas. Not that I’m a Nova fan, but they’re obviously a much, much better team, plus it’s always great to see Georgetown suffer.

  • George B

    YES! I would love to catch a Georgetown game rite about now with all the work i have to take care of tomorrow because of the weekend storm.


  • Justin

    Would love to go! The snow won’t scare me away!

  • MVT

    i would like to go please.

  • Joe

    OMG I LOVE VILLANOVA. please, i’d love an excuse to not go to work

  • Patrick

    Wooo! I’m in walking distance, and need to go! I still resent Villanova’s 1985 upset in the national championship. I was born just days after it and my mother, in defiance, named me after Patrick Ewing. Or at least that’s what she’d tell me. Bleed Hoya Blue!

  • Chris R

    I would love to go to a game!


  • Nick

    I Ain’t Afraid of No Snow. ::Cue Ghost Busters Theme Song::

  • Alison

    Can’t wait for that Nova rematch!

  • I have never been to a Gorgetown game, and would love the chance to go to one.

  • matija jevtic

    id love to finally go to a gtown game, please include me in the pool. the best show in town after the caps.

  • James

    I can walk there!

  • Vernados

    Ohhh yes. I need these tickets for a number reasons:

    I’m a Pitt grad and love Pitt basketball.
    I’m from Philadelphia.
    I share the surname of a certain Nova player.
    Despite this fact, he is arguably my least favorite college player of all time.
    I want to watch Villanova lose this game.
    I will therefore be a huge GTown fan for a day.

  • M

    count me in – bf is a huge fan and getting tickets would be a great ending to an otherwise crappy week.

  • Megan

    Would love to go to the game!

  • Jeff

    I’ve heard it’s the place to be, I want to go.

  • Yes please please please!

  • Joe

    I grew up in the snow belt in Ohio, snow scares me NOT. I would love to go and play in the snow on the way to the game!

  • Charlie Jones

    never been to a college bball game (went to a d3 school) and i live a few blocks away. i’m in!

  • CH

    After Wednesday’s loss I want to go support our team! Snow won’t stop us!

  • Jul


  • TG

    Throw me in as well please!

  • Chris


  • MollyN

    I want in! go hoyas

  • Robert Oriole

    I’m in.

  • M A Green

    As long as the green line’s running, I can get there. Please put me in too!

    V! for Villanova!

  • MK

    Yes, please!

  • Matt

    As a born and raised resident of DC and a Georgetown Alum…….I am in.

  • Courtney

    I’m in!

  • Anymouse

    Hey PoP, hook a brother up!

  • BK

    Yes please!

  • Ali

    Fingers crossed!

  • ECE

    Georgetown fan and wife was raised near ‘Nova, so we’d love to go!

  • Peter L.

    Georgetown Alum from back in the Alonzo Mourning/Dikembe Mutombo days. Haven’t been to a game since we beat Christian Laettner’s Duke (eventual national champion) team in the ACC Big East Challenge back in 1990. I subscribe to your blog in my RSS reader, that should count for something!

  • Camille

    Pick me, pick me! Pretty please, with a cherry on top? And sprinkles?

  • A short jaunt to Chinatown for me. Yes please!

  • eva

    HOYA SAXA! Alum here and the BF and I are within walking distance. I’d love it!

  • mmm

    Yes, please. THIS is why I love living downtown(ish)…

  • tc

    snow won’t keep me away… go georgetown!

  • Owen G

    I’d love to go! I hail from Michigan — snow won’t keep me away. Thank you.

  • Monroe Street’ing

    Because I just submitted my masters app to Gtown… and because the following link does not apply to how I feel about the storm, please pick me!

  • Heath

    big bucks, no whammies

  • pick me!!!

  • Peter Schertel

    I would very much like to go! Please pick me1

  • Rat King of Adams Morgan


    GO CATS!

  • Whitney

    In walking distance and would love to attend. Thanks, PoP!

  • Fritz

    Woo! Totally in for it– ain’t no little bitty snowstorm gonna stop us!

  • ‘Nova Sucks

    Hoya Saxa! This is the sports event of the weekend, not that little game down in Miami.

  • Mitch

    What’s better in a snowstrom than a pancake breakfast and a win over Nova?

  • Andrew

    Would love to wander down through the snow to the game. Thanks PoP!

  • jb

    me 57th

  • FH

    I can walk there from Bloomingdale, dagnabbit!

  • Patrick

    I also once made you a Favicon for this site, because I visited it so much! Hoya Saxa!

  • Ingrid

    Hope I’m not too late – would love the tickets! Go Hoyas.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    OK Here are the winners you each get two tickets to the game. I did it very arbitrarily so as not to be accused of having favorites I picked every 10th entry.

    Congrats to Sam @ 10:54pm

    Patrick @ 11:23pm

    Megan @ 7:35am

    Robert Oriole @ 8:45am

    Camille @ 9:28am

    Please email me immediately at princeofpetworth (at) gmail (dot) com with your full name and you’ll be able to pick up tix at will call. Thanks to all who entered. More contests to come!

  • Anonymous

    V for Villanova, V for Victory!

  • Darn, no first come first serve? Hope they got snowed in… lol just kidding.


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