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Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Historic Alley House (Reader Request)

by Prince Of Petworth February 23, 2010 at 3:00 pm 25 Comments


This house is located at Snows Court at 25th Street NW.

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Nestled into a quiet old-world court in the middle of the city, this cute small house is an easy walk to the main State Department offices, GWU, IMF / World Bank, Trader Joe’s, The Kennedy Center, several restaurants, coffee shops, and convenience stores, and walking distance to Georgetown, the Mall, and more. Street parking is readily available, and many nearby garages offer monthly rates. This house is ideal for those in town for a few weeks or months on business who are in need of a pet-friendly furnished place.
The historic two-story townhouse [about 600 sf] was built in the late 19th century and features modern conveniences.”

Do you think $2950 sounds reasonable for this unusual 1 bedroom?


  • What a difference location makes! I am in a almost identical house off of H st, also in an alley, and paying $2k less a month.

  • Don

    Not even remotely reasonable, no.

  • mappo

    Given that its assessed value is $500,000, $3K/mo is more than it would cost to buy at current interest rates (with 20% down). So, not a good deal

    • Skeptic

      To the contrary, once taxes and insurance and maintenance are included, you’d be just about at breakeven.

      • mappo

        Property taxes included, the monthly payment would be around $2600. Maintentence would be an added expense, yes, but would probably be more than offset by the mortgage interest deduction from income taxes. Maybe. I suppose I don’t personally know what maintenance costs on 100 year old houses are like.

  • DigDug

    $2500 and I probably would think about it if it includes all utilities, considering it is furnished

  • Anonnymouse

    I’m the reader that requested this one, a friend of mine coming back into the country w/ the State dept is interested in it. The Craigslist ad says it is fully furnished/all utilities/cable/wifi included so that might make up the price difference. Additionally she has been having a hard time finding somewhere that will do short term rentals and allow her to keep her golden retriever with her.

    • dreas

      Given all of those additional details, I think that’s a pretty good deal. Short term rentals are generally more expensive, even without adding a large, very furry dog to the mix!

    • Rick

      God damn, the State Department must pay an assload, if she can afford this joint!

  • The Landlord

    Location is key to the value of this property. Keep in mind that the rental appeals to short term people with pets who are interested in staying in a convenient location at less than the cost of a hotel. $2,950 includes furnishings, all utilities, cable and internet, so the fair comparison to an unfurnished rental is around $2,400. In addition, the services of a friendly non-corporate local landlord can not be over stated!

  • Sully

    I may be alone with this but this house has some awesome character even if it is small. My rowhouse in Shaw is about the same size and I pay 1650. So given the location I would expect 2500 at least for this house

  • Andy (2)

    If you are on an expense account (the audience its targeting) and don’t have a car this is reasonable considering the max lodging rates.

    This isn’t targeted at someone wanting to sign a 12 month lease so can’t be measured against a traditional rental.
    I assume you could negotiate heavily if you are staying for longer than a few months. Allowing a dog, being close to amenities like metro, grocery, parks…make seem like a decent deal for a corporate apartment alternative.
    Way better than some impersonal highrise in Ballston.

  • 20011 ExPat

    This is a market-price deal. Maybe not a “good” deal, but I have no doubt he’ll get a renter. That particular street is strikingly attractive, and it’s within convenient walking distance to a lot places that employ well paid global nomads.

  • I haven’t been out of school for too many years, but I rented all over Foggy Bottom…and this is way overpriced for that neighborhood. You couldn’t even split that with a roommate!

  • Johnathan Hertz

    Considering all the details that have come out, this would probably be a great deal if it were a 2BR unit. As it stands, it’s definitely not a good deal. This being Washington, though, with lots of people with money coming and going who need a place quickly in a white neighborhood, this will easily rent at that number.

    • always racing

      “white neighborhood”?

      thats the distinguishing characteristic of foggy bottom to you?

      • Anonymous

        I know, being candid about race is a bit too real for most folks here, but you’ve gotta admit, it’s a pretty accurate description of the neighborhood.

        • always racing

          at least you can hit the side of a barn, but don’t go claiming that’s accuracy.

          • Anonymous

            Uh, wrong. I’d say that’s pretty accurate.

  • G

    Agree with 20011 ExPat. This will be rented but it is damn expensive.

  • victoria

    This is not a regular rental apt. This is more like extended-stay apartment hotel, executive suites, per-diem situation where people stay for about a month. So it is a pretty good rent for that market.

  • Petworthian

    It is going to be perfect for the right person looking for short term, furnished, pet friendly, State Dept. etc. It is kind of a lot for 1 bedroom, though. And let’s be honest, “readily available street parking?” Puh-leaze! In that neighborhood? That’s a joke, right?

  • John

    I can’t imagine paying 3k for a 1 br, there are surely far better deals right in this neighborhood. I guess if you have a trust fund or extremely deep pockets it might make sense, but even then…

  • kck

    You guys don’t get it, it’s a short term rental property. It’s target audience is mid to upper level management in organizations need short term space in DC. FYI, my insurance company was more than happy to put me up in a place exactly like this for $3000 a month. I’m certain this place is owned by the same company. Our place had HD cable with a DVR and every premium channel, telephone with voicemail, high speed internet, electric, gas, water, sewer, premium sheets, premium towels, electrolux appliances, and a fully furnished kitchen.

  • EchoWhiskey



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