Toucan Boutique Coming Soon to 1911 9th Street, NW

by Prince Of Petworth February 22, 2010 at 4:30 pm 9 Comments


Toucan Boutique will fill in the space formerly housing the Lettie Gooch boutique (now located 1517 U Street, NW). The Toucan Boutique site says:

“Toucan Boutique started with a mother-and-daughter team who wanted to bring warm, tropical fashion to the chillier climates of North America. They saw a need for unique, casual clothing, and were not satisfied with what they saw.”

Sounds like this will be a nice addition to 9th Street.


  • Another Option?

    I am happy to see another store coming to 9th…they need it. But I am just curious how these crazy expensive stores stay in business. I just looked at the website and the clothes are really cute but is there really a market for $150.00 tank tops? And fwiw, I make just a hair over $100,000 and I can’t afford that. Always wondered who could afford those stores like Lettie etc..
    I hope they find their market and can be successful on 9th though.

  • Chris

    Honestly, if this place has 1 or 2 live toucans, I’ll gladly visit. Probably pretty frequently. The toucan is one of the most unique creatures in existence, and it’s bewildering to me how few people realize that.

    I couldn’t care less about tropical clothing. I actually don’t know of anybody I like, or would ever like, that would wear tropical clothing. I’m not sure why this establishment needs to exist in DC but like I said if there are actual toucans there, I’m in.

  • smax

    this sounds ridiculous, to put it lightly

    • Anonymous

      a clothing store sounds ridiculous?
      how so?

  • Look like dat toucan done stab somebody.

  • Hello all,
    It’s nice to hear that some of you are excited about Toucan (and some not so much) and we’re happy to announce that though in store our price point will be from $20-$200, we will still carry some signature runway investment pieces for those of you who want to have one-of-a-kind items in your wardrobe.
    And as far as tropical clothing, I think Chris might be thinking we carry Hawaiian shirts :) but Toucan Boutique does take pride in searching the best of sophisticated Brazilian fashion as well as emerging American designers.
    I also wanted to announce that we will also be carrying men’s clothes!
    Thanks so much, we love Shaw and I hope to see you all at our Opening Party (if you’d like an invite, sign up for our newsletter on http://www.ToucanBoutique.com)

    • Chris

      Hi Toucan Boutique– thanks for your response to everyone’s comments. Will there be a live toucan(s) in your establishment? Not the end of the world if not, but would be good to know.

      • Sorry Chris, I don’t know how I feel about caging a toucan, but we will have a beautiful Toucan inspired art piece, you should check out.

  • Anonymous

    This mother daughter team is worth going in to meet! Honest to goodness Brazilians, and have that Brazilian \ummph,\ know what I mean. Tell them what you think when you visit the store. They’ll listen!


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