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by Prince Of Petworth February 18, 2010 at 3:00 pm 13 Comments


This apartment is located at Independence Ave SE at 15th:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“ARE YOU INTERESTED IN LIVING IN AN AWESOME CONDO IN THE CAPITOL HILL NEIGHBORHOOD? The property is a two-bedroom, two-bath condo, constructed in the 1950s and totally renovated in 2006. The condo includes an I-Pod Docking Station and and the kitchen includes Stainless Steel appliances and granite countertops. Located in Washington DC on Capitol Hill near the Eastern Market part of town and just 15 blocks from the Capitol.”

Does $2100 sound reasonable for a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom in this location?

  • ET

    I would say good for no other reason that the owner has OK pets which I know can be a problem.

  • mappo

    15 blocks from the Capitol ain’t Capitol Hill. I swear some people think the Hill goes from the dome all the way out to PG County.

  • Sarah

    If you don’t mind the drug addicts peeing in the alleys and the buys going on around the corner. I had a friend who used to live near here and she never felt quite safe. At least her apartment was quite a bit cheaper.

  • Anonymous

    This is really the fringe of Capitol Hill, but I guess it seems reasonable. Pretty much an equidistant walk to three Metro stations on the Blue/Orange lines (Stadium-Armory is slightly closer than Potomac Avenue or Eastern Market, according to Google’s pedometer map). About .9 of a mile from the Argonaut and bars up on H Street, tho I’m not sure about doing that walk late-night. Crimerreports.com doesn’t list much in the way of crime over the last two weeks, mostly theft from auto.

    It would be great for D.C. United fans. Easy walk to RFK.

  • kara

    I live pretty close to there– Kentucky and Independence– and consider the Eastern Market neighborhood an extension of the Hill. I feel very safe there, but then again, I don’t walk don’t walk much farther East than where I live at night, so I can’t vouch for the whole area. The closer you get to the Stadium/Armory metro (and the Potomac Metro to the South) the sketchier the area gets. 2100 sounds just a little bit high; not outrageous but by no means a good deal.

    • This is sooo… not the Eastern Market neighborhood though. This is East of Lincoln Park – hell, this is East of the Potomac Ave. Metro! All the Hill Easters like to call this the Hill, so fine, whatever, but it’s definitely NOT Eastern Market.

      • Yeah, I think the official neighborhood for that apartment is Barney Circle.

  • Keren

    This is less then a block from where i live now. The rent seems a little on the steep side. But only a little. I pay 1500$ for a 1 bedroom condo. It is about 6 blocks to eastern market and 4 blocks to the Stadium Armory Metro. It is however not east of Potomac Ave Metro as a previous commenter said. Its very safe and I walk to Tunnincliffs Tavern and the Argonaut every weekend. The 96 bus stops directly out front which drops at Union Station, U st and Adams Morgan. Easy parking and yes….a super short walk to RFK for United matches!

    • Potomac Ave. Metro is on 14th, Penn and Potomac avenue. Look at the map – how is this not east of there?

  • anything over $1000 a person in DC is ridiculous. There is no reason for rental properties to cost so much. The housing market in DC has been greatly inflated overtime that it has gotten out of control. Modest rentals should be around $800/person, but never over $1000.

    • anonymous

      Your thoughts on DC rental values are crazy. If you really believe these numbers, you just cut property values in DC by 50% or more in the “desirable neighborhoods”.

    • @”thehillishome” unless you’re one of our contributors (you’re not), we’d appreciate if you not comment using the name of our blog. Thanks.

      • Good job at protecting your intellectual property!
        Also the Hillishome pretender, the market determines the price, if it is “ridiculous” then the owner won’t get the desired price. Heck I rent a room, just a room in my house for $700-725, so your prices are off.


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