So What’d You Think of the Lost Premier?

by Prince Of Petworth February 2, 2010 at 11:09 pm 23 Comments

NMCIL ortiz domney
NMCIL ortiz domney

I admit I haven’t watched the show religiously but if anyone can explain what happened tonight I’d be grateful. Ed. Note: I promise I wont post about the show the whole season but given the snow I thought a fun diversion was in order.

Did the premier meet your expectations? Overall thumbs up or down? While I’m definitely confused, I fear I may be hooked again…

  • ah

    Why was I expecting answers beyond who Smokey is?

    Of course not . . . it’s just more confusion.

    • ah

      oh, btw . . .

      spoiler space . . .

      I think we’ve now seen the final scene of the show (or how it “ends”) with landing in LA

      • dcdude

        Really? I kinda think they’re all going to realize how much crappier their lives would be back in the real world and choose to come back on the island for good.

      • UStreet

        I don’t agree. I think we’re seeing an alternate timeline. Otherwise the things that they said to each other wouldn’t make any sense. And how can some of those people be on the plane if they’re dead (Charlie)?

  • Mal

    I love how random every posting is on PoP :)

    (I don’t watch Lost – I think it’s a terrible show! I just wanted to commend the variety of posts)

  • Lindecuse have done it again – I thought it was spectacular. Still tons and tons of questions, but this is already looking like an awesome season. Glad to finally know who smokey is, it makes the whole Alex telling Ben to obey “Locke” make a whole lot more sense. And I’m convinced Man in Black/Smokey was who was using Christian Shepherd’s body to screw with people, too. And, yeah, I’m excited.

  • dcdude

    This may be a bit of a spoiler for some, but what’s up with Desmond being on the plane? He was already on the island when it crashed. (In fact he MADE it crash.) Makes me think the whole plane landing scenario isn’t real.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Yes! That was bothering me as well. I thought he went to the island by boat?

      • well, if the incident never happened, then he wouldn’t have crashed on the island by boat. so he would have had a different life.

        • dcdude

          True, true…

    • ah

      Of course, he also *wasn’t* on the plane, because he disappeared from the seat when Jack went to the bathroom.

      The plane seemed not to be in a fully “original” course in other respects too, for example Hurley said he never had bad luck. And no Shannon.

      • M

        Hurley couldn’t have bad luck, because if the island does not exist, then the numbers were never transmitted by Rousseau, no one would have told Hurley about them, and then he wouldn’t have used them to win the lottery. But where IS Shannon?!

        • UStreet

          Shannon stayed in Australia. Listen to what Boone says.

      • UStreet

        No, Desmond was on the plane when it landed. He was back in his seat in coach. You see him towards the end.

    • UStreet

      But for the people on the plane, the island was under water (remember the beginning)? How can you land on an island that’s under water?

  • Dboe

    I thought it was great. Although way too much information to process. I think I’m going to need to watch it again.

  • Stephanie

    Oh, Boone was back (<3 pitter patter)

  • future PoP attorney

    Yeah, Boone was back, but where was his sister?

    And also notice Jack’s hair was longer on the plane in this alternate timeline than it was the first time he was on the plane

    And why was the island underwater?!?!?

    • ah

      It was hiding!

  • DukeofMonroe

    The Lost producers did an interview and said that everything that was different in the plane scenes was done on purpose. Jack having longer hair, Jack only getting one bottle of booze extra instead of two, Desmond being on the plane, Hurley saying that he is the luckiest guy in the world…

    We’re not sure what is going on but it is definitely not “the plane just landed like nothing happened.”

    Lost. Awesome.

  • Zetlander

    Have we seen the asian boss guy at the temple before?

  • cookietime420

    More importantly, did anybody see yesterday’s All My Children? Bob cheated on Samantha! Wow! That’s HUGE!

  • andy

    dude, i can’t believe that they’re going to have to run two parallel alternative universe plot lines every episode until the series finale. That is just too confusing and slows down the plot so much!


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