• That Apple IIGS box is holding up nicely, considering it’s old enough to run for Congress.

    • Anonymous

      He, so is the IIGS in my basement.

  • I was there. It was an interesting mix of people, ranging from those who are young enough that they probably didn’t even know that vinyl records existed until they were about 16 years old, to those who were clearly shopping for records because they have yet to move on to 8-tracks.

  • Divine

    I went too! It was cool, but soooo crowded. And understandably so. I got some good stuff, but the amount of people made it hard to get to the bins.

  • Yes, it was crowded, but what a great show (if I do say so myself). Really diverse crowd and lots of neighborhood folks as well as out of towners (even some Japanese store buyers!).
    It was our first DC Record Fair at the Cat and the turnout was way more than we expected so it did get a bit tight. We’ll tweak some for the next one (maybe open up downstairs, better lighting) and go from there. Thanks y’all for making this one of the best attended record shows in the US (really). More to come.


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