• SDJ

    Given the first item on the menu, I’m going to guess that this restaurant is in Belgium.

  • Matt G

    Given the grammar and presentation, I’m going to go with the Barnard Elementary School cafeteria.

  • Jim

    I hope the “fillet of flander” is not Ned.

    • ah


  • God I can’t remember the name but it’s the place at 14th and V, across the street from Busboys/Eatonville.

  • Oh no it’s not, missed the liquor part. I don’t think they sell liquor at that joint.

  • SDJ

    Can’t someone pull some CSI trick to “enhance” the reflection in the window?

  • Petworth Newbie

    Looks like that Spanish place on Columbia across from Perry’s. Couple doors down from Havana Village.

  • Matvey

    Stupid Flander.

    • ah

      I suppose if you get the second one at half price you have filets of flanderses

  • Matt G

    90 minute Cafe?

  • People without marketing sense or the ability to write in block print shouldn’t be issued business licenses in this city.

    • Anonymous


  • Anya

    What I want to know is where in DC one can find pigeons!?

    • squab

      maybe these places:
      old ebbit
      National Museum of the American Indian
      le paradou

      to name a few.

  • DBV

    reminds me of a menu i was handed in rome, italy many years ago. under meats dishes was a lovely plate of mixed boils, it should have read boiled meat (i assumed). either way didn’t sound very tasty!

  • JYW

    petworth newbie is right, i don’t recall the name of the place though, el rincon espanol?


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