82°Mostly Cloudy
  • liz

    feel the bur…….uh……freezeeeeeeeee

  • Shawn

    At least they’re not using it as just a clothes rack.

  • Duponter

    Funnyman Carrot Top Reported Missing Since Feb. 10

  • This is quite a Situation.

  • A metaphorical representation of CPAC 2010: Raw power and emotion wrapped in a frigid lack of compassion.

  • T

    Try to take my parking spot now!

    • ReneeB


  • Matt

    Looks like everyone is trying to get ready for the summer.

  • danielle

    only a ‘dumbbell’ would work out in these conditions!

  • Anymouse

    Frosty decided he better embark on his workout program when he lost his 3-pack.

  • Chris on Seaton


  • Sully

    Like roids didn’t shrink this dude’s penis enough.

  • Anonymous

    winter weight

  • KR

    Jersey Shore: Arctic Edition

  • Anonymous

    1st st muscle beach

  • 14stbulletz

    Honey, don’t worry I’ll use it, but the bench first needs some conditioning before I do.

  • kidincredible

    Wait, why have these people not made that pile of snow into a proper snowman yet? It’s practically begging for it

  • Annie

    Here lies Frosty, who felt the burn and sweated it out.

  • dcdude

    Contemplating the toughest lift of his career, Frosty melts under the pressure.

  • dru dru

    neighbor a: told you you’d never use that.
    neighbor b: wait till the weather warms up, i’m going to be ripped
    neighbor a: uh-huh i’m waiting

  • GforGood

    “One more rep, dad!”

    “Dad? Dad?!?”

  • WSC Columbia Heights is pleased to announce its new Discount Fitness Plan.

  • hat

    Global warming ruined Frosty’s Winter Olympic dreams

  • Angela

    Frosty, you know your guns get soggy in the springtime and you can’t lift weights.

  • future PoP attorney

    Still waiting for a spot

  • Greg

    A little help here!

  • It’s going to be a long weight till my neighborhood gets plowed out.


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