• mateo671

    the fruits of their labor beginning to pile up – the MPD continued its enforcement of illegal parking space holders.

  • A: Lent, Piles of Trash, and National’s playoff contention.
    Q: What DC residents can look forward to for the next forty days.

  • Don’t trash, don’t tell.

  • Sully

    I predict your trash won’t get picked up this week nor the next.

  • JodiHeights

    “Your future is a bit cloudy, but I can tell you, ‘We’ve learned a lot about snow.'”

  • Eric B

    “A strange odor will make you angry. You will quarrel with a man whose initials are ‘A’ and ‘F’–Hey, can you scratch my nose? I got bedbugs all over me.”

  • Bryan

    Six more weeks of summer my ass – talk about killing the messenger!

  • k proser

    that’s my back yard!!!

    seriously, that dumpster is right at the back entrance to our place. i love looking longinly into the fortune teller’s eyes to see what awaits me, as i drive in and out of my driveway.

  • Tree Spoonduck

    “I have no fortune. The movie Idiocracy spoke for me and has come to fruition in Washington, DC.”

  • KR

    U Street Theatre’s latest production: “Grey Gardens: The Puppet Show”

  • jeremy

    The spirits demand more offerings of bagged nonrecyclables ere they divulge when buses will again have room to stop yet allow cars to pass.

  • Matt G

    Consider this parking space ‘saved’.

  • Pip

    Not a caption, but a few years ago, those mattresses would have been saved up to fill post-blizzard potholes. DC, how far we have come.


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