• Ringo needs to go on “The Biggest Loser”.

    • piggyback


  • Mal

    Crossing guard training, day 1. Only the strong survive.

  • 1st st

    Hear no evil, see no evil, stop no evil

  • 14th and Columbia

    “Abbey Road
    The Green Line”

  • Stephanie

    There’s always one…

  • “Stop” sometimes isn’t enough to get everyone to stop.

  • T

    you said the stimulus didn’t create jobs?

  • Solives

    SnOMG, remember when there wasn’t any snow in DC? Those were the days…

  • zt

    Hell No We Won’t Go [Stop]

  • Dan

    Flabby Road

  • Eli

    Crossing guard stop traffic to allow baby crossing guards to go to crossing guard school. “Single file! Stop signs down!…Don’t think I don’t see you #2!”

  • Cardozomite

    Mayor Fenty’s kids live near by.

    • Anonymous


  • The Neighbor

    After trying to make the light, Betty had to veer left to avoid the morning changing of the guards.

  • Joe W

    All Hands on Deck Phase III

  • Matt

    With the fall of the 80s, the Village People decided to take a new approach.

  • KGB

    In response to the growing fear of kindergartners, DC Crossing Guards are relying on safety in numbers.

  • David

    Abbey Road 50th Reunion: Preparing for Beatles in wheelchairs.

  • Shawn

    From “Dick and Jane in DC”:

    “Dick said ‘There is a cop.
    ‘Yes,’ said Jane. ‘The cop has a sign.’
    ‘What does it say?’ said Dick.
    ‘The sign says ‘Stop,’ said Jane.
    ‘Should we stop? Should we stop for the cop?’ said Dick.
    ‘No. We will not stop for the cop,’ said Jane.
    ‘Stop! Drop it!’ said the cop.
    ‘Let’s get the fuck outta here!’ said Dick.
    ‘No fucking shit!’ said Jane.

  • Anonymous

    DC’s Finest are now issued anti-snowball paddles.

  • Taint

    Needing money to repair their clubhouse, Fat Albert and the gang head out for the first day at their new job

  • jb

    Evolution of the DC Crossguard

  • TerpMcNasty

    So, I heard DC’s Red Light-Green-Light tryouts are this week.


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