New Madhatter Location on Conn. Ave Looks Great

by Prince Of Petworth February 16, 2010 at 9:10 pm 19 Comments


We first learned that Madhatter was moving to 1321 Conn. Ave, NW from M Street back in October. It opened up last week and I have to say the place looks amazing. First of all it is huge. It takes up two adjoining storefronts:


On the first floor (upon entering) it has a great huge bar:


The opposite side (in the first photo) has a nice distinct dining section. You can see their menus here. Quite a difference from the previous look, yeah? Continues with lots more photos after the jump.


Another look at the big bar on the first floor.


Upstairs bar with games.


More from upstairs:


And of course the hats:



  • definitely moving up from the M Street location. the “character” is a bit different, though.

  • The Wall

    Man-Boy lives.

  • Chicken Fried Steak

    Does Tim the bartender still work there during lunch?

  • Mony

    Went there on Saturday, much nicer, unfortunately not much of a dive compared to the old one but had quite a good ratio if one’s looking for that. Will be the new Public Bar pretty soon, which means long lines and the Virginia crowd (undesirables in other words for PoP readers) for those who haven’t been to Public Bar.

  • Kalorini

    I’m glad the bar doesn’t have the same high ceilings as the dining room–it’ll probably be too loud to think, nevermind talk, over dinner.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I went there on Sunday. The food was pretty good, waitress nice but slightly clueless, the kitchen runner was funny. He saved the day.

  • Man-Boy

    I live!

  • J Dawg

    I walked in on Saturday night. It had 5 times as many douchers as the old location, but with none of the scummy charm.

    I also went in on Sunday afternoon and it was much better. They’ve always had a solid brunch, and they brought Coach back, which is awesome.

  • James

    Where’s Scott?

  • me dinno see no beer list on fancy online menu. On that score my needs are very simple, if incredibly snobbish.

    • Ron: I wouldn’t sweat it, they have beers of all sorts.

  • anonymous

    Can you still easily contract various social diseases like you could at the old location on weekend nights?

  • Eric B

    Excuse my ignorance on the topic of local bar dynasties, but is this part of the Wonderland/ Looking Glass empire, or is it just a coincidence?

    • Anonymous

      I know it used to be owned by the guys who owned the Bottom Line/Front Page/Tequila Grill (RIP). Not sure if it still is.

    • Anon

      It’s a coincidence. Madhatter is not associated with WL/LGL.

  • Anonymous
  • madhatters fan

    This place wont be the same without seth!

  • chris

    alice doesn’t live here anymore …

  • Aidani

    I’m only going if Soup is there! Anyone know?


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