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  • When in Rome make it look like everywhere else.

    Is this the price of the changing demographics in Petworth. Another CVS to match the over priced condos across the street. I had to leave Mt Pleasant first, then Columbia Heights, getting to be about time to sell and leave Petworth to. I wouldn’t mind the changing demographics if it didn’t come with these lame national chains and constructions companies that are recreating my city neighborhoods in their suburban image. Wonder where the Starbucks will end up?

    • Anonymous

      the irony is that cvs and starbucks are urban chains.

    • your caring pharmacist

      As much as CVS is a corporate giant and not the best company to work for, when I did my time there I provided essential services and developed wonderful rapport with my patients, no matter what demographic. What, would you like to see a local-owned, family run pharmacy in that location instead of CVS? Maybe that would be nice but it would be hard for them to survive in the environment of insurance reimbursements and big Pharma. The few independents out there have found their niche market and provide other income-generating services, which require intrepid, innovative, and business-minded souls. Do you know anyone right now with the talent and resources to survive in that location? Anyway having a pharmacy in the neighborhood can be nothing but good thing, even if it’s OMG! a CVS. At least when I worked at CVS and where I work know, I KNOW I am doing the best for my customers. *Please note, I am not being paid by CVS anymore. I left the company due to crappy corporate policies, but my relationship with my customers was always wonderful.

    • Eric B

      I don’t necessarily equate a CVS with changing demographics–they’re all over town. In fact, there are two a little farther up Georgia Avenue, plus a Rite-Aid. Still, I get your point about the proliferation of chain stores. I would always rather see a business go in that helps make the neighborhood more unique rather than more uniform.

  • ontarioroader

    My guess is the Starbucks will go where Sweet Mango now is. If their liquor license/crime problems continue I can’t imagine they’ll occupy that spot too much longer.

    • i hope not.

    • One Word: Qualia Coffee. (OK, 2 words.)


      East side of Georgia between Randolph and Taylor.

      Outstanding. Local. Progressive.


  • DB

    Crews were hard at work monday. It was impressive.

  • So the new CVS is being built with pre-installed snowy sidewalks?

  • anon

    You “had” to leave???

    Sounds like if you’re in the position of buying and selling properties (in reference to your statement “getting to be about time to sell and leave Petworth to (sic)”), then you are doing pretty well for yourself.

    I’ll take a CVS over a vacant lot any day.

    • Yeah, I thought that too. I’ll just sell whenever I want to and leave. Must be nice.

      That being said, I still think this is an underutilization of the lot. A single story CVS on a spot right next to a Metro station is bad land use. There are lots of creative temporary ways to use land before something permanent and appropriate come along. Chicago had an entire block in the core of its downtown that sat unbuilt for over a decade. It became all kinds of interesting things: a temporary park, a space for art exhibits, temporary art classes through the park district and local schools, a place for outdoor summer concerts, a spot for semi-permanent outdoor market.

      The issue is having a plan and the ability to program that space. Empty lots don’t have to just sit there idle. So now, you have a building that will be there for probably 20 years that will look pretty sad as that intersection and area becomes more and more vital over those two decades.

      • JC

        Amen. Are you an urban planner? or just an intelligent urbanite?

        • NAB

          Pretty sure this had to do with project financing as much as anything else. Think like a lender for a moment, what kind of project would you feel best about financing?

  • Park View

    I was impressed that crews were actually working on CVS last Sunday between storms. Its great to have this come to Park View!!! We definitely need a drug store in the area, whether it is a chain or an independent.

  • Bonnie

    I really don’t understand why people are so critical of CVS. I’m looking forward to the convenience of picking up prescriptions, cold medicine, etc without having to trudge to Columbia Heights.


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