• ah

    Looks okay, but they weren’t starting with much.

    Kilroy was here?

  • TaylorStreetMan

    It’s as equally barfy as the original building is. More of the same, but at least they were able to match it exactly.

    Are you sure this is an add-on and not the original 2-story camelback?

    • ah

      camelback . . . is that like a house version of the beast with two backs?

      • TaylorStreetMan

        similar, yes.
        It’s actually a house that has a second story on just half the house, usually the back.

  • Me
  • Anonymous

    I agree that it’s all relative here. From such a humble starting point, I think the fact that they matched the brick so seamlessly and probably increased space and light by 200% makes this a pop-up to be praised. They should have build a roofdeck in the front, though, as they eliminated the entire backyard.

  • Rock Creek

    That looks seriously fishy to me. Houses can legally only take up a certain percentage of residential lots. It varies, but I think it’s usually 60% or 70%. I’d love to know the story behind this project…

    • KStreetQB

      Mine takes up 100% of my lot and about 200 square feet of public space.

  • pop-up owner

    The good thing is that they built w/ brick. The funny thing is that the thing looks completely out of code dependent upon what the use of the adjacent property is. They are obviously over the 65% lot occupancy unless that is some funky shaped lot back where we cannot see.

    In addition, they took a narrow starting house, and narrowed the addition even more… the reason being is because you cannot put windows in on the property line. And I actually believe there is a minimum set back (forget what it is) that this property does not seem to be in compliance with either.

    Pop-ups at the ends of rows are extremely difficult to execute in any way that is pleasing to the eye… in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Why do you think they increased the footprint, and hence lot coverage, FAR? You can sort of see the original building, with the old brick being repointed into a whiter mortar. If so, there is no issue with FAR.


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