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  • pop-up owner

    I would have chosen a brick face… would have been 100% better, but cost a bit more squid.

  • MK

    The pop up looks better than the boring house.

  • I’m offering a guess that the “pop-up” is original to the house, based on its recent vintage and the cut-out in the parapet.

  • JohnS

    I’m the owner of this house. We bought recently, but the house was built in 1978, so what you see is the original construction. We’re still trying to research what existed on the property before the 1970s — don’t know whether a fire or other event destroyed the original property, or whether the odd-sized parcel of land kept developers away. Kentucky Ave. is behind us and we and another single-family house share the block with three small apartment buildings.

    We love the funky design on the inside, rooftop deck (there’s a wet bar up there), and natural light that comes in from those top windows and brightens up the whole house. Plenty of people have commented on the quirky 1970s design, but no one’s ever called it boring before… hmmmmm.

  • pop-up owner


    I wouldn’t put to much thought into the naysayers… there isn’t a single home in the city that doesn’t have some distraction or a critique. If anything, yours is very architecturally unique for the area. It reminds me of the condos on the SW corner of Lincoln park. Lloyd Wright inspired minimalism w/ brick and glass IMHO


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