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  • anon

    I dont mind it thought it doesn’t feel like a house as much as a school or embassy. I’m not sure I get the dead space in the middle either. I would rather have that glassed and used as a large atrium. The powerlines though are an unfortunate obstruction to whatever veiw there is from the large windows.

  • Jake

    would make an awesome location for a mid-90s hip hop video shoot. Can’t you just picture Puffy pouring champagne off the balcony on a mass of gyrating video honeys?

    Mo’ Money, mo’ problems ….

  • ah

    Or for a high-wattage coke deal in a Miami Vice episode . . .

    I wonder if the atrium is open in order to meet some arcane zoning regulation (total floor area, e.g.).

    And I wonder why with all the money needed to build this they didn’t pay to bury all the wires on their block.

    • Jake

      hah! Maybe we can a “Ferrari Parking Only” sign as a housewarming gift.

      • ah

        What about Lamborghinis?

  • Woodland-NormANstone Terrace! C’mon PoP, get the name of the ‘hood straight!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Oops had it wrong in a previous post, fixed now. Thanks Nichole!

      • In fairness, it’s a bit of a mouthful. Normstone makes me think of formstone only instead of grey fake stone, I think of dumpy Baltimore rowhouses (I use the term dumpy lovingly) covered entirely with side by side faces of Norm Peterson.

  • former Georgetowner

    yeah it’s a cool building, but it looks like a convention center or a science center at a college.

  • I would like to see what was there before. Maybe a couple pleasant bungalows with huge trees nestled into the hill? Ask the neighbors what their view used to be…and how close the towering walls are to their lot lines. And I bet there will be more Range Rovers and Hummers in the garage than sporty small roadsters.

    • Kamantha

      Yeah I would hate to live near that thing. Looks SO out of place for the neighborhood. Judging by the picture…..

      • ogden

        If you look at google maps street view, you will see, it isn’t any larger than any other houses on the block. I don’t think it looks out of place on that block (that’s not to say I like it–I’m with many others who have commented that it doesn’t exactly look like a house).

        captcha: gov gatling

  • Petworthian

    I’d like to run naked across that center walkway. Darn it, where is the maid with the fresh towels?

    • ogden

      LOL. Somehow, though, I get the sense that if you build a house like this, you don’t really care much about waiting for towels to walk past your floor-to-ceiling windows.

      captcha: this fatality (?!)

  • Oops, I looked at the website. No bungalows were injured in this project – just about a hundred trees growing on a steep hillside that is now paved and built over were killed.

  • MK

    After looking at his website this place looks like another version of the architect’s design for a BMW showroom. I wish they could have moved the orginal house to this spot and put this monster up higher. This is just too big for the site and too close to the road. I’m praying the landscaping will lessen the impact. I pity the next door neighbor.

  • Eric in Ledroiit

    money doesn’t buy good taste.

  • Lisa

    I might have liked this house if it had been built on a secluded plot of land overlooking the Potomac River. But in Normanstone, this thing is a complete disaster. How did this thing manage to get approved? Someone who is very well connected must be behind this.

  • sheepprofessor

    Who thought that color yellow was a good idea?

    Looks like the corporate headquarters of an IT company. Wouldn’t necessarily be hideous in the right context. A residential neighborhood, though, is not the right context.


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