• TaylorStreetMan

    great looking for a govt building. sleek, modern design with tips of the hat to more traditional motifs (without being too stodgy. very nice.

    • ah

      IIRC, there was a big kerfuffle at the zoning board because it’s a residential area. Churches are allowed in residential areas, but the argument was this was not a church but rather a cultural center (or whatever they are calling it).

  • saf
  • SP

    Fitting for a day like today, when the HH Dalai Lama met Obama! :)

  • Anonymous

    The Green Roof constructed on this building is extraordinary and exemplary here in our nation’s capital:



  • Ice-Tina

    This is the DC SGI Culture Center! GO SGI!!!!!!!

  • It’s actually the Embassy of Parmistan.

    • boo

      Ahh, the great nation to which we owe the Chicken Parm.

  • Looks kind of Frank Lloyd Wright-esque– reminiscent of his early Chicago stuff (Unitarian Church, etc). I think it’s a fresh look for DC, which is pretty conservative, architecturally speaking!

  • Eric in Ledroiit

    that’s a beautiful building. will be attending their introduction in 2 weeks.


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