• People in glass houses shouldn’t get dressed with the lights on. Or should they?

  • BungieBoy

    thumbs down, definitely.

  • Stephanie

    Gee, do ya think this is LEED certified?…

    • Stephanie

      Hopefully there’s no one out there named Gee….

      • Gee

        You rang? :P

  • Jeremy

    This type of architecture, meaning, architecture that doesn’t fit in with the neighborhood is abhorrent. :(

    • Eli

      I like to think of them as little surprises.

  • ro

    what is it supposed to be?

  • reflexive

    it is nicer than the building to the left.

    • Larchie

      Agreed. Except for the color.

  • It is OK now but people will hate the building 10-15 years from now if it take that long.

  • Anonymous

    Is there an alley to the right of the building? Then why the huge curb cut?

    • Anonymous

      no alley. the two buildings are connected.

  • Larchie

    Above the ground floor it’s actually pretty nice. It’s got some shadow lines and the balconies and recessions break up the massing as a good transition to the neighboring buildings. The windows open and it’s a nice geometric ordering of space that doesn’t need a lot of adornment.

    The color is horrid. Could they have picked a more depressing gray? I don’t think it has to be a crayon color, but a material color that has a little more interaction with sun and shadow would be nice.

    And finally, the ground floor is a travesty. It’s completely inhuman. This is not a building that you are supposed to walk up to.


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