Horses Ass Award and What is This Building?

by Prince Of Petworth February 22, 2010 at 4:00 pm 11 Comments


Horses Ass Award has to go the building at Sherman Ave and Park Road, NW. We’ve been teased with some progress but it has been in its current state for quite a while. It is truly an eyesore and worthy of this horses ass award.


And while I was on Sherman, I’ve walked by this building a million times (Sherman and Harvard), does anyone know what it exactly is?

  • ah

    Could you rename it the Horse’s Ass award?

    Anyway, I expect the building one day to be featured in the PoPup-love it or hate it feature.

    • ShermanAveGuy

      It already has been – almost a year ago. I’ll see if I can pull up the link.

  • Ali

    I live near Sherman and Harvard, so I am (unfortunately) all too aware of that second building. It belongs to Pepco. They have some stuff inside. The nearby neighbors have tried for years to get them to improve the building and deal with issues like trash and people loitering around it. Pepco has not been particularly helpful — I am sure you are shocked to hear. Neighbors offered to plant bushes, etc., if Pepco would just let them. No. About a year ago they said they were going to improve the site and all we got was that beige paint on the bottom and on the window grates. Thanks.

  • J

    I have the unique pleasure of staring that building down every morning on my way to work. Its Pepco/social area for the otherwise bored and unengaged. It has the tendency to flood and thus power goes out and hubaloo ensues in the yard area around the building. Probably don’t whip out your fancy digital camera in that area?

  • Michael

    The building at Sherman and Harvard is a Pepco electric substation. At least it is more attractive than most open-air substations.

    And yes, the plywood pop-up at Sherman and Park is very much worthy of the horse’s ass award. To whomever is responsible for this monstrosity: please remove the plywood and abandon your efforts to turn it into a hideous pop-up.

  • I am surprised that the plywood pop-up didn’t collapse from the snow or just blow away during the big windstorm last Sunday.
    The PEPCO building has more “NO LOITERING” signs than any halfway house in Columbia Heights yet it attracts loitering and quite open drug dealing.

  • ShermanAveGuy

    Also, the building at Sherman and Park has seen some progress this year. They started digging entrances to the basement, and they have new permits up. It’s supposedly being converted into apartments.

  • Average Joe

    Yes, please, as already noted, the ass belongs to the horse, so its Horse’s ass.

  • Anonymous

    Come to the unveiling ceremony of the new pop up behind the plywood.

  • future PoP attorney

    Having lived near the Sherman and Park building, I’ve always wished that the building would stumble into some unfortnate accident and just go away

  • Popupowner

    holy cow… I thought it was cinder block… a plywood pop-up????

    That takes some balls.

    captcha… “said” “murat”

    Kind of funny if you google it… so much for the flamboyant clothes.


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