• me2010

    This is great! That pointless voiceover always cracks me up, but after awhile it gets irritating. Now it will just crack me up.

    BTW Has anyone out there found their true love on the metro? I think that would be a good poll, PoP!

    • BungieBoy

      True love on the metro? In this city, where people refuse to even acknowledge your presence?

      I gave up trying to have conversations with strangers in this town, especially on Metro. People just think you’re nuts or something.

      The only people who will chat are inevitably from the South (real South, not DC “South”) or Midwest.

      • ontarioroader

        The first rule of Metro is not to talk on Metro.

        • Rukasu

          I thought that was the first rule of any mass transit

          • TaylorStreetMan

            Not *every* mass transit. Sorry to again beat this well worn drum, but it’s true: ride the bus or streetcar in New Orleans. Or just walk down the street and find yourself waiting on the corner with someone for the light to change.

            Strangers chat with strangers all the time. If you’re willing to be open to people, you can find yourself standing on the sidewalk having a great conversation with someone you just met for 20 minutes before you even realize it.

            So, no, not every mass transit. In some towns, people are open, friendly and will share a hello and a few niceties – even on public transit.

            …then there’s DC.

          • bus taker

            meh. people talk on my bus routes all the time.
            it’s rare i’m on the bus and no one talks to me.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Twos company, threes a parade. Happy Mardi Gras!

      • Anonymous

        I have gone on more than one date with a man I met on the metro! Don’t give up hope, plenty of women are just waiting to talk to you. But then again, I am from the midwest….

        • PetworthRes

          One of my former housemates is now married to a man she met on the 42 bus :)

    • DCster

      I basically ‘found’ my true love on the metro (though I had briefly met him at a social group). The next evening we happened to get on the same train at Metro Center. He remembered me, we sat in seats next each other, talked, and ended up going to a coffee shop in Dupont Circle. We’ve been together ever since.

  • Eli


  • anon

    Concerned citizen abides suggested Metro security procedures. Man slapped with restraining order. Film at 11 ;)

  • the poo

    i almost found my true love on the metro. but she sauntered away in the rush at union station….

  • Archie

    3-day Weekend? Ugh, the week never started! I can’t take much more of this!

  • sam

    There was this girl who looked like Mandy Moore getting on the Green Line from U St. Metro and we used to be in the same car almost every day last summer till the Archives stop where we both got off… wish i had the courage to talk to her lol

  • TaylorStreetMan

    @Bus Taker (10:21am):

    point taken. bus is the exception. I’ve chatted with folks on the bus a lot. Metro is another story. People on Metro work *really* hard not to notice each other.

  • RD

    Metro is full of snooty bridge and tunnelers. ride the bus if you want to talk to people.

    • Polo

      You must be from NY, there are no tunnels coming in to DC

      • Anonymous

        its a pop culture term at this point.

      • Scott

        Um, how about on the Orange Line?

        • ontarioroader

          Yep, orange and blue line go through a long, deep tunnel under the Potomac from Foggy Bottom to Rosslyn.

  • Drew

    Ride the Light Rail in Baltimore. The people won’t shut up.

  • Susan

    Charlie! Great comic– I have always thought that phrase “such small words can mean so much” on the loud speaker is SO funny! You really captured a DC shared experience in a charming way!


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