Good Deal or Not? “the value is here in the size and location” Edition

by Prince Of Petworth February 23, 2010 at 1:00 pm 30 Comments


This condo is located at 907 Euclid Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“WOW!Finally 1 bed units just off U St. for under $300K that has all the space your buyers are looking for. Stone, SS & all that jazz- the value is here in the size and location. A few blocks from the 11th St. party zone & all the new developments in Columbia Heights. Smart location for the saavy purchaser. other units avail. FHA coming.”

You can see more info and photos here.

I’m not sure this location is “just off U St.” but I don’t think the location is too bad. Do you think $279,450 sounds reasonable for this 1 bedroom/1 bath?

  • No.

  • Rock Creek

    Could be the greatest apartment in history, I would boycott it after use of the description “party zone.”

  • Anonymous

    No. The apartment number is B-02. My guess its one of the ground floor units and they look like they are slightly below grade.

  • Zee

    Just up the street from “police activity” as seen in the post directly below this one.


  • Los Politico

    an FHA buyer would end up paying around $1800 a month.

    I wouldn’t rent it for $1800 a month– more like $1200. Bad deal

  • grumpy

    Agreed, not a good deal – it’s not close enough to U St (or other attractive locales) for the location to balance out the fact that it’s a basement. Who buys basement condos, anyway? (I’m legitimately curious)

  • Did anyone look at the photos? Doesn’t seem a professional stager would recommend those rose petals spelling out \Marie\ on the bed…

  • Chuck

    Bought a basement at Floridian, but only because it has a walkout onto the terrace, so I can easily walk outside. My guess is this doesn’t have anything like that. Same cabinetry as in my place too.
    Too far away from U St for my liking though… Sherman can be kind of a desolate area to walk up late at night.

  • er

    “11th St. party zone”? god help us.

  • farragutst

    Rose petals on the bed edition.

    • Richard

      House porn.

  • Andy (2)

    Seems like you can get a 2bedroom condo in that area for that price.

    Yeah what was with the flower petals – reminds me of stories from realtors about what happens on the beds (floors, counters, showers…) of houses/condos for sale.

  • Joe

    Just off U St is W or T

  • S

    Kind of hard to figure out the floorplan, looks like the “dining room” is actually a hall. 780 sqft is a big one bedroom, I could see this one going for 250k so this isn’t a terrible starting price for the listing.

  • Eli

    This has to be one of the worst listings I’ve ever seen…

  • Dirty

    They forgot a “F” in their acronym, should be OFFF…Obviously F-ing Far From… U Street

  • James

    That’s what she said.

  • Luddite

    This is the most awesome posting ever! Some day when I sell my house in Silver Spring MD I will: describe it as “Just off U Street, near the party zone of two orthodox Temples (within walking distance), and the rose petals on my bed will spell “Mimi” my Maine Coon cat. Thanks POP!

  • RD

    Surprised the realtor didn’t go with “steps to Georgetown.” You could, in theory, take enough steps to get you there.

  • TaylorStreetMan

    Isn’t 11th Street above U the area where white people get pelted with stones and beaten by neighborhood tuffs who tell them to get out of “our neighborhood”?

    Maybe that’s what they mean by “party zone”.

    • Really? – In a real estate post it has to go there.

      • Wouldn’t you want to know about that kind of activity (which has happened to me) if you were considering that condo? That’s what blogs like this are for, no?

        • “There is a crime issue” would not suffice?
          Note: he did not say it happened to him he just tossed it out there.

          • “Theft from auto” is “a crime issue.” Being attacked with potentially deadly force is another deal. I believe there was a City Paper article a couple years ago that went into some detail on violent attacks in that area, so I’d say it is more than “just tossed out there.” It is a known problem.

            TaylorStreetMan might state it crudely, but I wonder whose sensitivities you would have us protect – those of the black male adolescents who have beaten heads with bricks and rocks for sport or their victims? Or just yours? The real world is ugly, Joe, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk or know about it.

            I should add that what happened to me was VERY minor compared to some violent attacks in that area.

  • \Who buys basement condos, anyway? (I’m legitimately curious)\


    Seriously there is a pretty nice older building off Logan Circle that converted to condo several years back. I toured one of the basement condos. You get a premium location for less than top dollar.

    This must be a good post captcha = keepsake achieved

  • Not at all

    You couldnt pay me enough to live on Sherman, I certainly wouldnt pay 279k plus nearly 2400 a year in condo fees to live there.

    For the same amount you can find a 2br condo in Petworth, Bloomingdale or Ledroit. About as close to the Metro and less danger.

    What neighborhood is that anyway? Its not Pleasant Plains, not Shaw, not U St… its in a no-mans land…

    • Anonymous

      How is it not Pleasant Plains? THe ECAC is right next to it?

  • J

    Haha I THOROUGHLY appreciate the sequential order of these posts..

  • Anonymous

    As someone who is moving into 907 Euclid TODAY, I wanted to throw out a couple reasons why I decided to purchase. . .

    I was shocked to discover that statistically speaking, 907 Euclid is far safer than where I’m moving from (16th and Columbia). No one was more surprised than me to discover that violent crime off of Sherman Avenue had gone down 10% in the last year versus up 5% at 16th and Columbia (and for those of you who think that percentages can be misleading, we’re talking 94 versus 168 violent crimes/ Sherman versus Columbia).

    There are also a number of neighborhood developments/ beautification projects that are scheduled to begin in the next six months that will not only spruce up Sherman (it IS pretty ugly right now), but will also help property value.

    When my partner and I were looking, this was by far the nicest interior / layout for the space. (Mine is the alternate floorplan to this, and yes – in this unit the dining room IS a hallway), but the condo fees are lower than anywhere else we saw, and most indicators suggest that we’ll get a good return on our investment.

    Lastly, and as someone on the top floor, I agree. Only Vampires buy basement apartments.

  • snow bunny

    Hi Anon… welcome. I went and toured some of the units in the building and they’re a very nice size and space. It’s really classy to have the utility room (HVAC etc) off the kitchen so your friends don’t accidentally walk in there looking for a bathroom.

    I think the latest renovation probably kept an old footprint so the layout is spacious. And there are some diamonds in the rough in the nearby blocks on Georgia Ave if you like take-out food!


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