Friday Question of the Day – Name this Future Neighborhood

by Prince Of Petworth February 25, 2010 at 9:10 pm 62 Comments


When walking to Chinatown last week I noticed that the old convention site is referred to by the Mayor as CityCentreDC. Who knows when this huge project will be built but whenever it does get built it’s gonna need a better name than CityCentreDC. It’s not quite Chinatown and not really Penn Quarter either. So what a great opportunity for us to name it. I know folks haven’t been happy with some recent new neighborhood names like NOMA.

So hopefully we can get something really good that will stick. Unless you like City Centre? Maybe some history buffs can nominate a name from back in the day? Any suggestions?

  • Anonymous

    southern duchy of petworth

  • Stephanie

    Metropolitical, or I would say Metropolis (but Metropole is already on 15th and that might be too familiar).

  • doctor action

    i’d rather they put in a park

    • JS

      Really? On some prime real estate located just blocks from all metro lines? Instead of a vibrant mixed-use development that stitches together the streetscape? This is 2 blocks from Franklin Square and the northeast corner of the parcel sits across the street from Mt. Vernon Square. The last thing that it should become is a park.

      • dartag

        I agree with JS. A park would be lame here – we need a vibrant mixed use development here – besides there is a huge park a little bit south of there (The Capitol Mall).

        • I whole-heartedly agree with “doctor action” – more green space, less concrete!

  • 14thandyou

    This development is only a few blocks–it’s a bit of a stretch to consider that to be a “neighborhood”. So I’d recommend just calling it what the developer is calling it: CityCenter. We’ve got enough goofily named neighborhoods in this city already.

  • saf

    It is part of downtown

  • City Center (not Centre) makes sense. Else they could just name it the way every other developer names these things, with some generic words thrown together such as “Fox Chase Run Rolling Hills Hunter’s Mill Towne Centre”

  • everyone knows it’s windy


  • Um

    How about, get this, METROCENTER!!

  • KBO

    Yeah, what a dumb question. It’s hardly a neighborhood on its own. It’s just part of “downtown.”

  • Average Joe

    Its already in a neighborhood … “Downtown”

  • Anonymous

    Midtown DC

  • Bloomingdale


    • djdc


  • H

    is it “centre” or “center”? Because if it’s “centre” that is tres stupid.

  • Jim


  • grumpy

    It seems to be in the middle of several neighborhoods (if I had to pick I’d say it’s in downtown)
    But I’d be willing to give it it’s own name if we could name it something cool along the lines of Swampoodle.

  • Pip

    They should auction the naming rights like they do with sports venues.

    I’m hoping Jiffy Lube will step up to the plate.

    • Anonymous

      +1. Great idea!

  • NoSwamPoo.

  • sheepprofessor

    Fred. I think they should call it Fred.

    captcha: the punkest

    • Mal

      Fred FTW!

  • Drew


  • Drewlove

    In this economy they should call it Never Never Land.


    Hotelsylvania…mmuah hahaha!

  • How about… Itsnevergonnagetbuiltsville.


  • ParkingLot

  • nander


  • Anonymous


    • anonymous

      In keeping with DC convention, shouldn’t that be Fentytown?

      • Bloomingdale

        Remember that you can always lower surrounding real estate prices dramatically by appending “Dwellings” onto the end of any development. So it would have to be “The Adrian Fenty Dwellings”

      • Anonymous


  • Mal

    I’m just happy to see this developed. Every time I walk by here (I live a couple of blocks north) I always wish there was something… well just SOMETHING! A huge giant parking lot is not fun for anyone, except for people who don’t live here.

    I think we should call it FreezePoP because I just ate a jelly bean that tasted like a blue freeze pop.

    • Anonymous

      That parking lot is actually very well used and open late. It’s a favorite spot of valets and it’s also where the convention center puts all of it’s trucks. So let’s not act as if there is no use in it.

      The real tragedy here is the trapeze school moving.

      • Mal

        It’s ugly though! It’s smack dab in the middle of downtown, just a giant parking lot. A parking garage would be much more effective – heck they should building a parking garage on a 1/4 of this lot and make the rest of it usable! I wouldn’t be opposed to that.

        And yes I agree the real tragedy IS the trapeze school moving. I loved watching that! I couldn’t believe how much it was used.

        • SoapBar

          The trapeze school is only moving to Navy Yard. They have a new “indoor” (tented) space that will hopefully mean they are less reliant on the weather cooperating.

      • trapeze, you say?

        there’s our name….trapezeville

        should make for some hilarious anecdotes for the realtors


  • DukeofMonroe


  • DukeofMonroe

    and in the interest of fairness, an alternative would be MegaBusopolis.

  • hg


  • rocketnerd


  • ontarioroader

    We could name it for the developer-friend-of-Fenty who gets paid in whatever backroom deals go on to make this happen.

  • Worsethanhitlerstan.

  • QF

    Taint East (I consider the “West End” Taint West).

  • Duponter

    Muddy Bottom

    Mud being an acronym for Mixed Use Development

  • SDJ

    Yeah, the whole “Noma” word just reminds me of the chants for Mr. Garciaparra back in Boston…

    So, not too crazy about it. We’ll never have a SoHo in DC. Maybe SONY (South of New York?) :-p Or some amalgamation like a “ChiVerPen” (Chinatown/Mt. Vernon Sq./Penn Qt.)

  • Bout Time. As in, ’bout time the city did something productive with the land it owns.

  • DeepDarkDiamond

    West Chinatown

  • Stephanie

    QuarterChina. Or Steve Carrell was here (cuz that parking lot was where I met Steve Carrell).

  • Kevin

    Stankyland or skanksville

    In all seriousness, this should just be part of chinatown (which isn’t really Chinese anymore) or Mt.Vernon Sq. No need to carve out little niches for a 2 block radius. Work on building up the neighborhood that is there rather than forming all these lil’ niche areas

  • Anon

    How about EsFraPaNoWeChi?

    Does that sound too ridiculous? Oh wait, maybe having to shorten the name of every neighborhood in the city is ridiculous.

    Might just be me though.

  • I vote for Downtown. By the way…

    dictionary.com – for all you non’s

    cen·tre   /ˈsɛntər/ Show Spelled[sen-ter]

    –noun, verb,-tred, -tring. Chiefly British.

    • djdc

      Sure, but on the sign it is clearly spelled Center. Three times.

  • Susan

    They should use that land to build DC United a Stadium

  • Paul

    Not cool to say – but I actually like City Center.

  • How about Ovechkinville. Maybe Alex will move in as a new neighbor;)

  • Pala

    Where will the Megabuses and Bolt Buses pick up once these overly priced condos are built?

    • Anonymous

      union station

  • OJD

    Old Shantytown


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