Dear PoP – When Does Street Cleaning Resume and Any Interest in a Neighborhood Shred?

by Prince Of Petworth February 25, 2010 at 2:30 pm 9 Comments

Man with a Giant Pile of Dirty Snow
Photo by PoPville flickr user Bogotron

“Dear PoP,

Just wondering if you knew when the normal street cleaning will resume or if the city planned unscheduled cleanups do the heaps of trash all over the streets in Petworth and CH? I regularly walk down the 500-600 block of Irving and it is just atrocious. It may as well be a landfill. Our neighbors are cleaning up our block but I’m not sure if we’ll make it over there…”

Street cleaning doesn’t normally resume until the end of March. The last couple of years it was March 23rd or 24th. I’ll post an update when the exact date is announced.

“Dear PoP,

Just wondered if you [or your followers] know of a company that would do a neighborhood shredding of documents in Columbia Heights? I was thinking of asking my condo board about it, but thought it would be great to get to maybe make it a neighborhood thing.

Any suggestions would be great!”

In the past DPW provided free shredding at the Benning Road Trash Transfer Station in North East. I think your best bet would be to contact Council Member Graham and see if he’d be willing to make this happen for Columbia Heights. Of course if you wanted to pay I’m sure there are plenty of companies that would be interested.

  • Ward One Resident

    You can still take your documents to the Fort Totten transfer station any day they are open to have them shredded. Of course getting there is not always easy/fun.

  • Eric in Ledroiit

    trash on the street in residential neighborhood, eh? if only there was something a resident could do about that other than call for the city to spend tax money sweeping it…

    • Ward One Resident

      I will cut the original poster some slack on this. If you take a look around, other than in areas where there is a BID, many streets are a filthy mess following the snow. DPW didn’t pick up street cans for over two weeks and then when they finally got back around to it (this past weekend)they didn’t pick up the trash that had overflowed. Not sure about the particular block in question, but the city is not looking so pretty right now.

  • Bryan

    Hey guys

    Iron Mountain is a company that comes in with big garbage cans, locks the garbage cans, takes them out to their truck, and shreds everything. It’s been a few years, but I think 2 large cans worth ran about $100. Not too bad.


  • KL

    I called the city yesterday to find out, and they told me the date to resume street cleaning has not yet been set. But at least you’re not alone…the trash problem on my street (Parkwood Pl which turns into Center St after 14th) in CH is atrocious year round…the snow has nothing to do with it. I’d say a solid half of the residents in that area just dont give a s*it and the rest of us clean people have to deal with it. They just throw their take-out food containers, beer bottles, baby diapers and mattresses (seriously!!) all over the sidewalk and expect others to clean it up. My street is also worse off because of all the extra foot traffic from the Pan Am grocery store, the discoteque and the Exxon. It is frustrating that there is no law against littering in DC.

  • DCAC

    I actually saw an employee in a red jacket that said \Green Team\ sweeping the gutters in front of the bus stop at 11th and Irving this morning. Looked SO much better where he had already been. This manual labor is obviously not nearly as efficient as the motorized sweepers, but if the city is deploying the \Green Team\ to the worst spots, that is enough for me until normal spring cleaning resumes.

  • West Kansas

    It bears repeating: the DC Department of Public Works already provides free shredding for DC residents. Just bring your stuff to the Fort Totten transfer station.

    No need to “call a council member” to lobby for a service we already have.

    From the DPW web page: “It is open on Saturdays, except holidays, 8 am to 3 pm. [….] Residents also can bring documents to be shredded.

    The District is the first jurisdiction in the region to offer free weekly document shredding for residents, thus relieving them of either purchasing their own shredder (and running the risk that young children might harm themselves if they try to play with it), or waiting for an infrequently offered community-based shredding event.”

  • Fajr

    I am the original poster of this question. I agree completely with the Eric in Ledroit who suggested residents should help pick up trash. A group of neighbors and I clean up our block every other weekend. Hopefully it will encourage others to do the same. However, the trash situation after Snowmaggedon is abnormally gross. I picked up a whole garbage bag full on the 500 block of Irving last night and didn’t even make a dent!

    Getting Green Team out in the neighborhoods would really be helpful.

  • The streets are indeed horrendously trashed following the snowstorm.

    You can either wait for the city to clean up your block, which may not be until street sweeping resumes in April, if ever, or you can grab a trash bag and spend about five minutes doing it yourself.

    Here’s another thought – why not make a habit of this? Sure – in a perfect world, the city would keep your streets clean. At this point, though, the world’s not perfect, and this is a really easy problem to solve on your own. It requires very little effort and it’s really rewarding to live on a clean street.


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