Dear PoP – Does Anyone Know Anything About the Homicide at 7th and Rittenhouse, NW?

by Prince Of Petworth February 22, 2010 at 5:00 pm 12 Comments

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MPD confirms the shooting and writes:

“…These acts of violence are being actively investigated and at this time do not appear to be random acts.

No one knows your neighborhood better than you do. If you see a vehicle, a person or anything that seems to stand out and is suspicious please make us aware. Even though many times what may seem like suspicious activity may turn out to be nothing we would much rather error on the side of caution and send a unit out to check it out. So please do not hesitate to call us. We would be more than happy to assist. And if you have and information about the recent events in the neighborhood regardless of how insignificant it may seem, please contact a member of the Fourth District or you can remain anonymous by calling 1-888-919-CRIME or 202-727-9099 or text tips to 50-411.”

  • NAB

    So sad to see a minor improvement in the weather bringing back the violence along with it.

  • E-Rich

    While we’re on the sad and disturbing topic of possible murders, does anyone have details of the police activity on 17th St, NW between Crescent and Kalorama, Saturday evening? When I left for the evening there were about seven police cars and an officer would only tell me they were “investigating” what had happened. A marked cruiser maintained a presence on the block for a solid 24 hours after and a neighbor told me he watched the medical examiners carry a body out of one of the houses on 17th, but that’s all I’ve heard.

    • ontarioroader

      Since we’re delving off into other mysterious deaths, anyone know anything about one in the 1700 block of Lanier Place around 2 or 3 weeks ago? A homicide detective just told me there was a body and couldn’t say anything else.

  • Alex

    E-Rich, a body was found on the back porch of a house there: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/local/crime/The-Blotter-84919017.html#ixzz0gJRiwxGl

    No further details yet.

    • I talked to a guy from a TV news crew on the scene, and he said the guy just had an accident…slipped, fell, and killed himself.

  • rjm

    I’m about to move into a house just a few blocks from the site of the shooting, so this is disturbing to me to say the least.

    The kid who was killed lived on the 600 block of Jefferson Street, the cops say, which is just a block off of Kennedy Street, so I’m inferring that it’s a drug-related shooting. According to the Post, Muriel Bowser said she “did not know what the youth was doing in the neighborhood where he was shot, about a mile north of his home.”


  • Scared

    Wow, children still involved with guns in the nation’s capital. Youngest so far in 2010? At 15? Anyone know how many other children have died so far this year from gunplay? What a sick community to have this sort of behavior plaguing us year after year!

  • Anonymous

    I wish the police were being genuine about their interest in being called if you see anything suspicious. Maybe after a murder, but they never care before the murder (or the cars getting broken into). For example, I was home one week day and watched a 20 something “couple” that I had never seen in the neighborhood sit on my steps for a while, then walk down a few houses and lean against a car and make out. Back to my steps. Then the neighbors steps. Then making out against a different car. This went on for more than two hours and the making out really did not look very real, more like an act. If I was going to write a movie scene for “casing the joint” this would have been it.

    I called the cops. Was told there was nothing they could do because sitting on my steps is not breaking the law. So, suspicious characters hanging out on a residential street is not of interest. I finally waited until they were back on my steps, opened my front door and let out my really large, loud, dog. He chased them off the steps and down a few houses. But, I’d really rather not resort to the dog option, b/c I’m sure that just deterred them from breaking into my house, but did not stop whatever they were up to. I made sure they knew I had seen them, so maybe they moved on entirely. Cops, totally not interested.

    • anon

      I’ve had multiple suspicious and out-right scary incidents in my Columbia Heights neighborhood and the police have ALWAYS been responsive, professional and helpful. I know not everyone has this experience, but I just want to add my positive experience into the mix.

      I also think it’s our resonsibility to monitor and defend our own neighborhoods. There are many situations you can handle on your own just like the kids making out and your dog. Perfect! Why did you ever need to call the police!? It’s always risky to put yourself out there and take a stand, but nothing is ever going to change if you don’t! Stop hiding in your house with the shades down. It’s your neighborhood, stand up for it!

    • saf

      Did the cops tell you that, or the 911 operator?

  • Sherbert

    I am SHOCKED, SHOCKED, SHOCKED that there was a homicide. There is someone advertising an apartment near there as SAFE & TRANQUIL.
    What a joke, there is crime everywhere. Don’t live in a bubble.

  • Anonymous

    FYI this was closed with an arrest of a 15 year old juvenile. MPD press release below, and thank you to MPD. Note the offender will probably be released quickly due to DC’s crappy juvenile law enforcement. Protest DYRS if you care to.

    Contact: Officer Kenny Bryson (202) 727‑4383

    March 9, 2010



    (Washington, DC)‑ Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch have announced that an arrest has been made in the homicide of Joel Watkins. On Monday, March 8, 2010, at approximately 8:43 p.m., a 15‑year‑old juvenile male from Northwest Washington was placed under arrest by members from the department’s Homicide Branch and charged with First Degree Felony Murder While Armed in the fatal shooting of Joel Watkins.

    At approximately 9:28 p.m. on Sunday, February 21, 2010, officers from the Fourth District were called to the 6200 block of 7th Street, NW, to investigate the report of an unconscious subject. Upon arrival they located 15‑year‑old Joel Watkins suffering from apparent multiple gunshot wounds. He was subsequently transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for the District of Columbia where he was pronounced dead.


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