Columbia Heights Farmers Market Starts June 5th!

by Prince Of Petworth February 24, 2010 at 3:30 pm 37 Comments


From the CH listserv and DC Food For All:

The excitement begins on Saturday, June 5, 2010, the first day of the Columbia Heights Community Marketplace – to be located at the Civic Plaza at the intersection of 14th and Kenyon streets and Park Road, NW. It will run every Saturday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., from June 5 through October 30, 2010.

Are you glad that Sat. was selected?

  • This is FANTASTIC news, can’t wait. Do they have a website?

  • Mike

    Why Saturday? That’s the same day as the Mt. Pleasant market, which is all of four blocks away. Will both markets have the same vendors?

    • Annie

      I agree this is weird because the Mt. Pleasant market is *very* close by. Why not a Saturday afternoon market?

  • EdTheRed

    Sunday would compete with the behemoth that is the Dupont Farmers’ Market, so Saturday will probably get more vendors…although there’s also the 14th & U market on Saturdays…

  • Saturday’s cool, but doesn’t 2/3 of Columbia Heights sleep past 2? What’s with those hours?

  • anon

    Would have been better on sunday. That way between MTP and Columbia Heights we’d have local produce all weekend.

  • cookietime420

    Awesome! I will drop major bucks there. I am frequently too lazy to get to the mt. pleasant farmers market (yes, lame as hell) but this one is just too easy since I live very close to it. Kudos to the folks who worked so hard to bring this market here. They’ve been working for many months and they made it happen. Bravo!

  • DF

    They should do it on Sunday. Saturday competes with U St and MtP, and leaves us with nothing on Sunday.


    • saf

      Well, there is Dupont.

  • Anonymous

    I think an afternoon/evening market during the week would have been best (like in Georgetown and Foggy Bottom). That way people in Columbia Heights/Mt. Pleasant/U street could easily have local produce for the whole week.

  • FentonH

    This reminded me, off topic, but are there any recommended CSA’s that deliver in MtP or Columbia Heights?

  • Amanda

    After all that talk about making this unique and different it is just competing directly with what we already have. I totally agree that weekeday evening hours would have been preferred. Sunday would have been better (the Dupont market is more expensive than MtP or U st). Oh well, at least this one will be really close.

  • RD

    yeah, mtP is only a few blocks away, but for people that live a few blocks even further away from this location, the mtP is just too far to walk to. The more people that have access to a farmers market in walking distance, the better.

  • grumpy

    I was hoping for a Sunday afternoon market, because I typically don’t have my menu for the following week figured out until Sunday morning and it’s typically too late to hit the Dupont market for me at that point.
    Does anyone know if the results of the neighborhood survey they collected are available online? (and could you post the link, please?)

  • Cookietime420-

    Wait, Mount Pleasant’s market is too far for your lazy legs, but Columbia Heights’ market is great because you live very close to it? They will be like 3 1/2 blocks apart! Hopefully, you will do what I hope will become “the Saturday Morning Circuit” and drop major bucks at both places!

    I hope the MtP and the CoHi markets will feature vendors selling things unique to the area farmers market scene, making it a great idea to hit both. If they are carbon copies of each other, both will undoubtedly suffer.

    • Anonymous

      No I understand. Say you lived 3 1/2 blocks east of CH (like me, maybe close to GA Ave) then the MtP market would be 7 blocks away. The number of stoplighted intersections makes a big difference to the casually-motivated. I can’t wait for the new market!

      • DCster

        I think that’s why the farmer’s market should have been farther East – it would reach a larger community and not be overlapping with the Mt Pleasant market.

  • ShermanAveGuy

    I agree. It should be on SUNDAY. People in CH will travel to Mount Pleasant for their farmers market, but Dupont Circle is a little to far to walk. This will create too much competition with MP. Will both end up failing?

  • PFL

    Sweet! We live on the East side of Georgia Ave, so this will be closer for us. I’m hoping there will be enough demand for both to be successful.

  • Nick


    (captcha: Inspector hirohito)

  • Yeah

    Sunday would be better. DuPont is too crowded anyway, so I don’t even go there anymore.

  • Petworthian

    Maybe it’s time Petworth got it’s own farmer’s market. Who needs Columbia Heights anyway?!

  • EM

    you can search on this site too: http://www.localharvest.org/csa/

    we tried Fresh and Local last year, one that let’s you pick up in 16th St Heights. And I would not recommend it. what we did get was good, but little variety, often not enough for 2 people even though we paid for a share that size, lots of excuses, lots of promises to make up shares at the end of the season which were not fulfilled.

    VERY EXCITED about the CH market!

    • EM

      meant to reply under the CSA request!

  • LYH

    for all of you that are complaining it should be on sunday… they have been out at all sorts of events asking people to sign-up for announcements and provide feedback… they sent out a survey asking which day and what vendors people would like to see there. this has been going on for MONTHS. get involved next time instead of complaining afterwards.

  • steveg202

    Would be super nice if the CH market is industrious enough to arrange the temporary closing of Park Rd b/w Giant’s driveway and 14th during these hours. The market could be large enough to provide more variety than most other local markets. My fingers are crossed.

  • victoria

    I’m more excited that the 8 ft. deep pile of snow on my garden has melted enough to plant the spring peas! Anyone interested in trying – this is the time of year.

  • Anonymous

    Hail yeah I’m psyched. I live a half block away and can’t get my butt to mpt since I’m lazy.

  • Anonymous

    The CH market will also be easily accessible to folks who live on 14 street bus line, green/yellow metro line, etc so it isn’t just people who can walk to it so I believe it will be really successful. Also, the wide sidewalks, the plaza, etc makes it ideal. Also, people could do other type of shopping while here. The planned entertainment doesn’t hurt either.

  • mphs

    It would be better on Sunday.

    Where are the trucks going to park? The farmers usually like to keep the trucks right next to the stand so they can pull off new food during the day.

    There are no spaces right next to the plaza. Traffic on 14th is already incredibly jammed on the weekend, so they can’t park on the street.

    One thing that works well in Mount Pleasant is the parking is not used in the early morning when the trucks show up.

  • Thought….

    I just hope they have more to offer beyond tamales and horchata.

  • dcdirewolf

    I’m all for the market, it’s a positive thing for the neighborhood. It will kill the Mt. Pleasant market though. Sadly. DC is kinda silly with its neighborhoods all competing against each other. In most cities, Columbia Heights, Petworth, Park View, Pleasant Plains, Mt. Pleasant and possibly even Adams Morgan would be considered the same neighborhood. That way you’d have one HUGE farmers’ market every weekend with all those markets’ vendors combined. Like a real city.

  • Hoodrat

    I’m stoked! A little worried about the Mt. Pleasant market, but I would prefer one slightly closer to me anyhow.

  • veteran

    Markets don’t cater to sleep ins because the afternoon heat wilts the produce. Farmers also are early risers and have to travel several hours to get to market.

    In addition to you getting convenient access to fresh, locally grown produce, other benefits of farmers markets are that farmers make more money without a middleman, savings on the energy used for transportation, and the bonus is meeting your neighbors in a safe and friendly space.

    Do hope that they will consider at least adding a weekday evening market.


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