• That is an incredible sign.

  • I have always wondered if I could buy land from a machine! Let me get my cup of quarters ready…

  • Columbia Heights Boy

    Call me old fashion, but i still prefer to wash and fold my own underwear.

  • AdMo

    This place is in my area, though like more and more people in my neighborhood I have W/D in my place and only go there about twice a year to use their giant front loaders for blankets and stuff. Those are startlingly expensive, like $11 or something, but the people who work there are nice and seem to know most of the patrons by name. You don’t feel like your stuff would disappear if you walked across the street to the drug front bodega for a coke (of either kind).

  • E-Rich

    I kind of wish you’d also profiled the auto service place next door. I can’t remember the name of it, now, but they’re great, inexpensive, and in my experience very honest. The guy’s name is Miguel. TYS, or something like that.

  • Sarah

    I don’t have a washer and dryer in my building in Adams Morgan. I usually do the drop off service. I’ve heard ok things about this one although itlooks sketchy. I recommend the Pan-American Laundromat near the Raven in Mt Pleasant. Much cleaner.

  • Camille

    YES, E-Rich. That auto service place is amazing. PoP, please think about profiling them. When I took my car in last weekend, Miguel called me an hour later to say the rattling under my hood was “just a few missing bolts.” He replaced them, then refused to accept my money. They’re honest, efficient and great at diagnosing problems.

  • AdMo

    Indeed, the auto repair shop there is really good and honest. Mt. Pleasant Auto repair is really good too.


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