Washington, DC

Shooting2 at 8th & S 12.4.09

Sometimes it feels like the madness never ends. Thanks to a reader for sending (plus the photos):

“Thought you might like to know of yet another shooting that occurred about 20 minutes ago at the housing projects at 8th and S. The police on scene wouldn’t give any info. I wonder how many of these it will take before any serious action is taken.”

Update: I’m now hearing that “MPD told me that they responded to the sound of a gunshot at 4:48 p.m. at 8th and S Streets NW, but that no victim or evidence of a shooting was found.”

This is odd because I’ve never seen a street roped off before without an actual shooting. Will update as more info becomes available.

Shooting at 8th & S 12.4.09


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