Sala Thai Applies for Liquor License in New Park Place Location (Above Petworth Metro)

by Prince Of Petworth December 27, 2009 at 8:41 pm 7 Comments


I wasn’t terribly excited about the Cricket grand opening in this location but the Sala Thai liquor license application got me pretty psyched. The Sala Thai spot is located a few storefronts south of Cricket on Georgia Ave.

It actually will take up two spaces:


The occupancy load will be 80 and I was pretty excited to see that they are requesting a summer garden area to seat 16:


  • Matt G

    Any construction inside? Any info on expected opening date?

  • Riordan

    Does anyone else think that this building is a complete and utter eyesore, or is that just me? I think I preferred it when it was a vacant lot three years ago.

    Apparently, architecture is dead and this monstrosity is it’s ghost, come to haunt us from beyond the grave.

  • New2CH

    I am critical of a lot of new construction in this area, but I think this building actually sets the curve. Very attractive and great use of tricky dimensions.

    So now we’ll have two Thai and two Vietnamese places in close proximity, yet not a single Japanese place? Come on, there is a crying need for sushi / good Japanese!

  • I actualy love it and this is my native area. i was scared, but the site have been thru so many transistions.. Originaly it was a Pharmacy wholesell outlet or something, next to a shady gas station, a shity club and the fire station.

    Then they tore it down for the metro build, moved the fire station aroud the corner (only the face is original) and put the metro in.

    This building sorta have a style that looks like some of the old buildings downtown that have been mordernized.

    I like it and once they finaly fill it with stores, and residence i think it will shine. Right now it just seems dead. It dont look like anyone is living in the units and no stores make it look odd and abandon.

  • L

    I ate at Sala Thai on U St once, and I did not think the food was very good, so I’m not excited about this restaurant, but at least something is moving in there and hopefully it will do well.

    As for the apartments, I think they’ve started leasing – I’ve seen lights on in a few of the units – but only a few, probably less than 10%. But it’s not surprising that they’re filling up slowly considering the rents are much higher than at other buildings in the area.

  • Rock

    I’d love to understand the strategy behind leasing this building. It’s a great building in a great location, so the only reason it’s not filled up is obviously the price. If I were the owners, I’d lower the price until you hit the sweet spot of people moving in! It can’t be good financially to sit on an empty building with no rental income coming in for months and months. Why not get people in there and rent them out over time? maybe they’re thinking about switching back to condos?

  • Anonymous

    Some of the apartments have been occupied since at least last spring, but the vast majority are empty, due to the insane rents they’re asking.


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