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More Coming to H Street, NE

by Prince Of Petworth December 11, 2009 at 5:00 pm 11 Comments


I mentioned a few new places coming to H St. NE last Monday. At the time I said I had a few more that were new to me as well. Pictured above at 1016 H Street, NE will be Liberty Tree. The alcohol application says it will be a seafood and brick oven pizzeria.


And at 1110 H St. NE will be a new restaurant (to be named later) featuring Asian cuisine.


And finally is the new spot, Vendetta, that is coming to 1350-1362 H St. NE. I think I may have mentioned it before because I was pretty psyched to see that it’s jukebox will feature opera and Italian music.


  • DC Native

    Glad to see H st. is still coming along. This area still has some of best housing prices in dc.

  • Johnny

    I love H Street, but admittedly travel there only during the day. There are some inner city ruffians who trudge through the streets at night with cheap wine on their breathe and ice in their hearts.

  • Victoria

    Pansy Johnny – Anyone worth knowing has spent half their life with cheap wine on the breath and ice in the heart.

  • Liberty Tree is stalled. The ANC voted unanimously to protest their liquor license “based on the behavior of the applicant” and apparently some neighbors are opposed to the location. Voice of the Hill has a little more info: http://voiceofthehill.com/NEIGHBORHOOD-COMMISSIONS/Northeast-Capitol-Hill-commission-ANC-6A-opposes-Liberty-Tree-proposes-crime-fixes

    I’ve been talking to VoH and am trying to find out the full story, and will keep you posted.

    I met one of the owners at the H Street Festival and we talked for a while – he seemed like a nice guy, but I don’t know what’s going on here.

    Vendetta’s moving along nicely. I judged a chili contest with Teddy Folkman back in October and he was headed to Richmond the day or two after to do research for for it.

    I did a write up for THIH on these spots (and a few more – but don’t have the scoop on the Asian place; I’ll ask around and see what I can find out). If you’re interested, you can check that out here: http://www.thehillishome.com/2009/11/coming-soon-h-street/#more-3690

  • Poo poo pee doo

    Thank goodness they reinstated the shuttle, or no one would ever even know about these places! God bless the shuttle! Btw, does anyone know when and where it runs? Thanks in advance!

  • Jaynuze

    wonder if it’s AV’s old jukebox

  • Pretty sure AV took their juke with them when they skedaddled to Florida. Talk about timing. They sell AV and within months, the market collapses.

  • H Street is really a neat area, and looks like these additions will continue to increase its status amongst other DC neighborhoods. In 10 years, we might be looking at H Street as the new U Street…

  • houseintherear

    @Nichole, The Liberty Tree license was voted out, and a compromise on the situation will likely not be reached due to the “behavior of the applicant”. It was not voted against BECAUSE of the “behavior of the applicant”. Two very different things. Just for the record.

    The “applicant” is probably pissed because cranky neighbors are ruining his business plans. Not an uncommon occurrence around here. And I don’t blame him.

  • Just asking

    What in the world does “behavior of the applicant” mean?

    Why would ANC Commissioner Raphael Marshal and the Voice of the Hill make such an irresponsible public characterization about the owner without a reasonable explanation?
    What’s going on here?

  • Nice to see continued development along this corridor, but does anyone open up anything other than a restaurant anymore? It’s nice to have bars and resraurants, but whatever happened to balance in your commercial areas?


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