• LeDroit/Bloomingdale Resident

    I ate there a while back when it first opened up. To me it was expensive marginal food. But there are a lot of places like that in DC. The best restaurant for Restaurant Week is Belga Cafe…

  • I was about to make some snotty comment about people who refer to every business in the possessive (like \Walmart’s and Burger King’s). I think it’s a regional thing though I forget what region.

    Then I noticed it really is PS7’s.

    So who is this PS7 dude, and how did he get such an odd name?

    • That drives me absolutely insane as well. Taylor Gourmet seems to be one of the most frequently victimized. Every time I hear someone say (or worse write) “Taylor’s” it makes me want to stab things.

  • Anon

    It’s just a take on the chef’s name (Peter Smith) and the location near 7th St (address is 777 I st, hence 7s). Yeah, not the most creative name.

    That being said the bar menu here is one of the better deals in the city during happy hour. Really creative takes on bar food (mini Primanti Bros sandwich, house made hot dogs). Drinks are inventive as well.

    • Mal

      Does it really have the fries, cole slaw, and everything right on the sandwich!? I love me some Primanti Bros…

      • Yeah, it’s a fancy version, but it’s got the concept down. I think it has soppresatta. It includes the fried egg, which is nice touch, that I don’t often see from places trying to imitate it.

        • Wow – I haven’t experienced a Primanti but the whole concept has me a’hankerin’ for a classic chip butty (as had in Newcastle) — high cuisine it ain’t, but it’ll block any opening you got.

          • L

            omg “fancy” Primanti Bros?! That’s so DC… :)

  • jess

    It’s okay. I actually went for the most recent restaurant week… food was good, but nothing really stood out. Atmosphere inside the dining room could be a bit more cozy. Service was fine from what I recall. Granted I tried it only once, but I found it a let-down since I targeted it for restaurant week. Might be a better place for drinks and appetizers, as their bar area is pretty cool.

  • I prefer the lounge and their awesome happy hour to the dining room. Mostly because Gina Chersevani is so fantastic and I will happily drink anything she’s responsible for.

    @jess, you should never base your opinion of a restaurant on a restaurant week experience. It’s probably the worst time to really see what the restaurant and its staff are truly capable of. I’d encourage you to at least give the lounge at PS7’s another try.

  • Drew

    I’d add to the positive comments about the bar; inventive, fun drinks in nice space, and pleasant bartenders. It’s a swanky, interesting place for a happy hour.

    Having been for lunch and dinner on several occasions for work, I can’t recommend it based on price and quality.

  • “@jess, you should never base your opinion of a restaurant on a restaurant week experience.”

    I find this really ironic. I’m not disagreeing, but you read about a lot of people having mediocre experiences during restaurant week at otherwise good restaurants. Bad service, limited options, whatever.

    So the question is, what kind of stupid restaurant operator would actually participate in Restaurant Week in the first place, just to give all those people who might otherwise never come to their place a bad impression of it?

    This is their chance to get people in the door and impress them. Anyone who shortchanges restaurant week is an idiot – you’d probably be better of not participating.

    I make a point of going to places that have good RW reps (e.g. full or mostly-full menu, where you actually save more than $3 versus the regular price). Otherwise what’s the point? And likewise, what’s the point of offering people the deal if you’re going to half-ass it and make them unlikely to come back – and probably diss you in their blog?

    • I completely agree with you and wish more restaurants would take this into consideration. I linked to this article from the City Paper in the restaurant week post: http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/youngandhungry/2009/09/01/did-vidalia-use-inferior-ingredients-during-restaurant-week/

      I’ve had some okay restaurant week experiences, and some really bad ones. The worst was at Charlie Palmer Steak, and thankfully I’ve been there often enough that it didn’t taint my overall impression of the place (I was tagging along on RW with friends who had never been though; I’m pretty sure some of them still haven’t returned).

      I think the (unfortunate) reasoning in the pricier places is that it doesn’t matter what they’re serving because they’re serving it to people who aren’t going to become regular customers anyway. And, while I can see where that logic could fly (right or wrong) in a pre-yelp, pre-blogging world, you’d think that with people tweeting each experience as it happens, that something would change. And maybe it has, I really don’t know. I honestly can’t remember the last time I participated in restaurant week. (It may have been that CPS experience, but that’s now been a couple of years.)

  • Quincy9

    i think ps7’s has some of the best food in the city — tuna sliders, fresh bread, fresh donuts, inventive dishes, good service. it’s pricey, but the lounge side offers a decent value.

  • Anon

    Am I in the minority that think RW is overrated? In reality it seems like it is a chance for restaurants to drum up business under the guise of a special event that occurs only once a year. To me it has the same feeling as a Hallmark Holiday, one that would not exist unless it was propped up by something else.

  • K St.

    I love the bar here. Have never eaten any of their food but Gina can make me drinks anytime…

  • Krssy

    Mmm… I love the cocktails, they’re delicious! Think I’ve been there for happy hour too. (Is it bad that I don’t remember?) Been there for lunch in and out of restaurant week. Foods ok, nothing to write home about but not bad. I’d go back.

  • IHeartShaw

    The bar is awesome. Ox tail tots- out of this world. Donuts, delicious. Cocktails all can be made virgin for those who may be driving or unable! Yum.

  • Hoodrat

    yep. make friends with gina. she’s the best.

  • Anon2

    I went there for Restaurant Week last January. Everyone in my party enjoyed our food and my cocktail was excellent. I agree with the poster that the dining room is a little stark. We went early (right after work) and the service was very good. I was disappointed that the donuts everyone talks about were not on the Restaurant Week menu.

  • Michael

    One of my favorite restaurant week picks.


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