Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

In the last two days I’ve noticed on my online bank statement two fraudulent and extremely high (the max that can be withdrawn in a 24hr span) ATM withdrawals. I’ve since locked the card, filed a dispute with the bank, and filed a police report. I suspect it was due to a local ATM card skimming operation. Whoever is withdrawing the cash has done so from the Wachovia Bank (not my bank) @ 1804 Adams Mill Road, NW and another unaddressed ATM in Adams Morgan. Just wanted to remind people, especially during the holidays, to be weary of this scam and to check ATMs for suspicious looking attachments and cameras, and especially to monitor their online statements like a hawk. Also, I wanted to inquire if any other readers have experienced this lately and in particular with that Wachovia location.”

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Check your statements!


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