Strictly Scuttlebutt – Results Gym on U Street to be Replaced by another High End Gym in 2011

by Prince Of Petworth November 23, 2009 at 10:07 pm 20 Comments


Consider the following purely scuttlebutt, not sure if others have heard the same, but I thought it was worth sharing. I was at an event where I heard that Results, located at 1612 U St NW, will be moving in 2011. The person who knew the details said that Results would be replaced by a very high-end gym possibly owned by a Salon. I’m just curious if anyone else has heard this rumor?

For a while this Results was going to move into the new View 14 building at 14th and Florida but that is no longer in the works.

  • Eric

    Borderstan covered this a few months ago (with links to the WBJ and Blade).


  • dupont current covered this a few months ago as well. scuttlebutt this ain’t.

  • Yadasacker

    This rumor has been going around for months, basically as soon as The Health Bar(Cafe 1612) closed up shop. The same guy that owns the building also owns Vida which would make sense for him to stop renting a space for a gym and put his own gym in there!

    I miss The Health Bar!

  • Mony

    Yep, I think I read about this news in at least 5 different blogs/local news articles months ago. Not even a rumor, confirmed.

  • Eli
  • I also heard from a Results employee that Results will move into the new Anthony Bowen development at 14th & W.

  • ShermanAveGuy

    Yes. Washington City Paper did a story on this months ago. The guy that owns Vida owns the building and will be putting in a Vida when the lease for Results expires.

  • spirit

    uh, yeah, POP. that story has been around for like two years. since you are late for the party, i will try to give you background. the owner of results was once a business partner with the owner of vida. that partnership has since dissolved. bad blood was shed and the two are no longer cordial. the owner of vida owns the u st location of results, whose lease is up within a year. so they are kicking out reSLUTS and putting in a vida. the new vida is also rumored to have plans for a roof top pool. there, now we are all caught up.

  • Anonymous

    This cat fight has been going on for years…

  • Sammy

    Rooftop pool? Jeez, can I switch to the new location? I go to the one on 15th now…

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure there are architectual renderings floating about too. Old Old news.

  • anonymous

    Are high-end gyms really capable of being successful in this town? Even the people I know who have a lot of money complain about how much these places cost and how they’re not really worth it.

  • Nick the Greek

    There were some drawings of a fill in building between the current Results site and Stetson’s. This included comments on a roof top pool. Results is supposedly relocating in the U St corridor. I am sorry that the Vida owner closed down the cafe in the building. I don’t like dark retail space. Vida owns Bang Salon, Vida and the building at 1612 U St NW and is also owner of the Capital Brewing Company (or whatever the proper name is).

  • KL

    I wouldn’t call Vida a “high-end” gym. It’s no more expensive than Results and marginally more than WSC.

    Rooftop pool? I’m switching locations too!

  • Raymo in LeDroit

    I have heard this rumor as well as one stating that Results in all locations is not financially secure and may be going away totally.

  • In other breaking news, I hear a new shopping center is coming to Columbia Heights, with a Target and a Best Buy! You heard it here first!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Hahaha. I deserved that…

  • Bread

    The only reason I went to the Capitol Hilton Sport and Health club gym was the awesome outdoor pool, which is closed for construction now. So sign me up if there’s a new pool, but don’t charge over $75 a month.

  • cliftonite93

    Does he plan on maintaining two Vidas half a mile apart?

  • ZZinDC

    AH – the rooftop pool! Talk about being late to the party – that was a big promise made by Results when it first opened on U St, back in… 1995(?) – it was ‘still in the works’ for a couple of years, before it was finally dropped. I always doubted it could be pulled off but maybe Vida’s membership fees can support it. In any case, I wouldn’t be joining Vida for the pool, until I saw actual construction begun.


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