Washington, DC


A commenter writes from yesterday’s post showing before and after pictures from 14th Street:

“The Solea “Before” picture is almost identical to a building under renovation on 14th between N and Rhode Island. It’s going to be a Subway sandwich shop.”

I was wondering what that spot was going to become as last weekend when I walked by it looked very close to being finished. I’ll go by this weekend and try to confirm whether or not a Subway sandwich shop is going in.

And while the commercials say Subway is a healthy choice I thought I could combine this FQoTD from a reader:

“Aside from going to the typical weights and cardio gyms, can people recommend alternative places to go for staying in shape? Organized soccer leagues? Gymnastics? Dance studios? Running groups? I’ve seen that group of people at Meridian Hill Park who do what looks to be some sort of couples acrobatics – even stuff like that. What alternative programs are out there for staying in shape?”

I know ultimate frisbee kicked my ass. I’m sticking with walking all over town taking pictures… Anyone have good alternatives for staying in shape besides going to the gym?


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