Washington, DC


We learned the shop was coming back in early Sept.. This is also the same building where POSH consignment store recently opened. Here’s a note I received from the owner:


“We are located at 1828 on 18th Street between T and Swann, across from Lauriol Restaurant. Ansonia Wines grows out of a small, family run business specializing in French wines. For the past few years Ansonia Imports has supplied wine to some of Washington’s finest restaurants, including CityZen, Citronelle, Komi, Obelisk and Central. Now the Ansonia Wines retail store will bring such wines to individual wine lovers in DC’s Dupont Circle neighborhood. The majority of our wines come from Burgundy, but we also sell wines from the Alsace, the Rhone, Bordeaux and Italy.

We offer hand-selected wines, from winemakers we know. We think that people enjoy their wine a little more when they know something about who made it and where it came from – in our store you’ll find books, maps, and photographs with our producers, all designed to bring our customers closer to the producers that make their wine. We insist on complete climate control for all of our wines through the entire journey from vineyard to our store. Our wines are as fresh as they are at the domaine.

We had a soft opening this past Saturday, and are open from 10:30am-8:30pm Monday through Thursday, and 10am-9pm Friday and Saturday. We are planning an open house event Saturday December 12th where we will open a larger number and range of wines throughout the day.

More information can also be found at our website, www.AnsoniaWines.com, or on our blog: ansoniawines.blogspot.com.”



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