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The Convention Center Community Association (CCCA) has updated plans on the new Carter G Woodson Park:

“But Ms Hazelwood did share a description of the current draft of plans for what might be the sculpture that will be installed at the triangle park on the 1600 block of 9th Street. The park was formerly owned by the National Park Service, but it has been transferred over to the District Department of Parks and Recreation and been renamed in honor of Mr Woodson. We might have someone from DPR come to a future CCCA meeting to discuss this park. Mr Hazelwood did state that there will be appropriate public meetings about the property before any plans are implemented. These images photos we submitted to CFA by DDOT and they were approved in concept.

On October 29, 2009 it was DDOT and District Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) announced that landscaping of Carter G. Woodson Park and creation/installation of public art has been approved to receive between $50k-$579k in grants from DDOT’s Transportation Enhancement Projects in FY2010.”

Read the rest of the article and see renderings here.

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