Newest Adams Morgan Pizza Option – Piccante Pizza

by Prince Of Petworth October 21, 2009 at 11:00 am 23 Comments


Piccante Pizza is now open at 2120 18th Street, NW in Adams Morgan. I walked by in the late morning as the place was opening up so I didn’t get to try the pizza but the space, while small, looks pretty cool. Anyone happen to try the pizza yet?


Couple more photos after the jump.



  • I like the white interior. Reminds me of the old Moloko Milk Bar. I wonder if this place sells milk-plus, milk plus vellocet, or synthemesc or drencrom. That and a pizza would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • do you remember the place that used to be in there? i think it was a turkish restaurant, or something else eastern mediterranean.

  • The exterior is wretched. The interior is fine. The pizza remains to be tested, it having been an evening of much energy-expenditure, o my brothers.

  • JodiHeights

    yeah, the inside is neat, but people should stop using stock photography (pet peeve).
    the cheap look of it is a huge turn-off for me.

  • New2CH

    Just from looking at it I can tell the pizza is awful. This is what pizza SHOULD look like:


    If Joe’s opened in downtown DC or on U Street / Adams Morgan Joe would be a millionaire …

  • Matt

    this exterior belongs on mt pleasant and not on 18th. and what’s with the airplane-style TVs coming down from the ceiling?

  • Maybe the airplane-style TVs are to prepare you for the fact that the pizza will make you “lose cabin pressure” in your “aft section” resulting in an “emergency landing” IN YOUR PANTS.

  • RD

    I don’t know, that white girl looks pretty damn excited to be eating the pizza.

  • Divine

    Yeah, damn. That outside sign is awful. I’d be willing to donate my graphic design skills just so no one has to look at that sign.

  • Lauren In ColHeights

    The outside is horrible…they will lose customers at the exterior immediately. The interior isn’t *that* bad but the bolt bus style tvs hanging from the celing look cheap. I feel like there’s a dvd player sticking through the other side of the wall…are they on sale at the target on 14th???

    they’re making jumbo slice look pretty tasty…

  • Petworth Jimmy

    The interior of that place used to be pretty interesting, but it looks like the new owners sort of chopped it up and ruined it. The little TVs probably don’t even work anymore. Seeing how the renovations were done in such an obviously low budget manner, I can’t imagine they’re putting a whole lot into the quality of the food there.

    And big props to the exterior. It looks like it was designed in Microsoft Word.

  • I can’t get past the look on the blond eating the pizza. Who looks like that when they’re eating food? Unless she’s getting fingerbanged by the bald guy next to her, and that really doesn’t scream “haute cuisine” to me. But hey, I’m sure there’s a market for people who are into that sort of dining experience.

  • Mike

    This place used to be a place called Yazuzu that served Turkish or Mediterranean as someone else mentioned, then it was shortly the Variety Deli (which had good sandwiches, btw). Not sure what it was before Yazuzu, that was before I moved into the area. The general look has been the same for all of these, hence the TVs were there when it was Yazuzu a few years ago. They added the wall between the cooking area and the dining area so that breaks it up a little. I thought it was a weird looking space with the rounded walls at the floor and ceiling. They also added wood floors, which I’m sure is nicer than what was there before. I can understand renovating on the cheap (if it was that cheap) when opening a new business in this economy.

    As for the pizza, I haven’t had a chance to try it. They were offering $1 slices last Saturday, but I was running late for the Caps game and had just eaten so I had to pass it by.

  • I tried it today. Two slices of peperoni. They were ok. Nothing to write home about. A little dry. The place still seems under construction. I guess they’re in a “soft opening” phase right now.

    But I will say this. Praise Jesus that we have another pizza option in Adams Morgan! The area is sorely in need of another place to get a slice.

  • Oh yeah, one more thing. Their menu is *way* too big. They have everything from pizza to hot dogs to Mediterranean offerings. They need to pick something and excel at that. Offering everything under the sun usually is a recipe for being mediocre at everything.

  • yazuzu! that’s what it was. thanks, mike! much appreciated helping me jog the memory.

  • ogden

    Haven’t yet had a chance to try the cuisine yet but the interior looks pretty cool. The transportation inspired theme looks like a good way to bring some energy to an otherwise small and awkward space (and I don’t mean ‘bolt-bus inspired’ because they didn’t invent anything).

    Hope they are able to improve their exterior presence as well.

  • Matt

    airplane-style TVs guys, airplane. you boltbus-riding indie kids are devaluing my hilarious observation.

  • 14thandColumbia

    What’s our clearance Clarence? Roger Roger, what’s our vector Victor?

  • Rance

    Are the zoning regulations in Adams Morgan really so lax as to allow such a hideous facade? In a lot of neighborhoods, something like this would have never been allowed at all.

  • Lauren In ColHeights

    who you callin’ indie?! ah hell…airplane style it is.


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