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  • Joe
  • eva

    Good, but overpriced food. The last two times I’ve gone (twice in the span of several months), we’ve had terribly inattentive service. It’s Greek seafood, which is fantastic, but I’m not sure the prices here make it worth it.

  • Everything this place does, Cava does better.

  • Anonymous

    Both times I’ve been, the appetizers outshine the entrees. Their baby octopus and fresh anchovy appetizers are amazing. Everything else is definitely good, but over priced. But their greek yogurt with honey and strawberries served in a phyllo bowl is divine.

  • Love It

    Went here a few weeks ago with a friend who is trying to hit all of Washingtonian’s Top 100 restaurants (for whatever that list is worth) and it was AMAZING. Had never noticed it either but had the most amazing pork dish with figs, cheese, and honey, and I don’t even usually like pork. Other three diners – who are more well-versed in DC’s more chic cuisine than I – were equally impressed by their food. Dessert was good but not great like the appetizers and entrees.

  • They have greek yogurt with walnuts and honey — that’s enough for me to give it a recommendation. :)

  • sahar

    Mourayo is not mindblowing, but it’s quite good, and the ambiance is really nice. You’ve probably never noticed it before because it used to have a smaller, less easily-seen sign and was about half the size…they’ve expanded only recently.

  • cookietime420

    I went there for lunch a couple weeks ago and was pretty blown away. There was almost nobody in the place so we got a prime seat by the window. Most importantly the food was fantastic. It ain’t cheap but boy was it tasty.


    It’s pretty good authentic greek, not what you would necessarily expect,owned by the same guys who own Tomate. I liked it OK but at that price point wouldn’t walk across town for it.

  • Sounds like it is worth a shot to give it a try. Thanks for the update:-)

  • jb79

    Agree with the commenter above that the pork dish with figs, cheese, and honey is amazing. I really like the food here, but it is too pricey to go on a regular basis.


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