Washington, DC

Penn Quarter Farmer’s Market , originally uploaded by needlessspaces.

“Dear PoP,

In case you haven’t seen this, it’s RIDICULOUS.”

The this, is a post from Downtown Commentary that says:

“The Market has operated seasonally for seven years on Thursday afternoons on the north end of 8th Street between D and E Streets…

Recently, Mr. Ken Crerar, president of The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers contacted the Public Space Manager at the Department of Transportation Public Space Management Office requesting that the Market’s permit be rescinded. Mr. Crerar suggests that the market find another suitable location elsewhere in Penn Quarter. The problem he cites is traffic congestion on 7th and 9th Street can be avoided by using 8th Street northward to E Street where he connects with 12th Street to go Massachusetts Avenue. On Thursdays the congestion costs Mr. Crerar up to 15 minutes. And for this 15 minutes, he wants our Market moved despite the number of people it serves.”

More details here.

What do you guys think – is 8th Street a good location for the Penn Quarter Farmer’s Market?


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