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AM Wine Shoppe Coming to 18th Street in Current Skynear Location

by Prince Of Petworth October 4, 2009 at 11:12 pm 14 Comments


Well this sounds awesome. Back in July I spoke with Lynne Skynear about possible changes to her location at 2122 18th Street, NW.


The Wine Shoppe sounds pretty awesome as it is a project from the folks behind Cashion’s Eat Place. The sign says:

“Our vision is to bring a fine wine and gourmet food shoppe to one of the most diverse and authentic neighborhoods in Washington DC.”

Think this will be a good fit for 18th Street, NW?


Note that Skynear is not going away all together but will be featuring their items on the top floors.

  • claudia

    it will be competing with De Vinos, which is just 2 short blocks away, but I’m excited about the gourmet food part!

  • Ron

    I love the concept. There are many times when I need to pick up some wine in the A.M., but most places aren’t open that early.

  • dcmom

    I love DeVines – I think that this is unnecessary at this location. I would love a french bakery/cheese shop – think Cowgirl Creamery or Cheesetique with really good bread.

  • victoria

    I generally never shop at shoppes.

  • JohnnyReb

    I can’t believe that they actually used the spelling “shoppe” in their description – it’s strange enough when used for the name of their shop, but to casually throw that middle-English word into a normal sentence…
    I s’pose that makes them “diverse AND authentic!”

  • Sammy

    The owners are fantastic people, and I will go here early and often.

    But that name is awful.

  • Herb

    MMM…Cowgirl Creamery!

  • 14th n’ Otis

    Okay, shoppe is annoying. But not nearly as bad as some of these new pretentious terms like “gastropub”.

  • Jason

    And, I thought Adams Morgan was searching for more commercial and daytime offices. I know…the free market will drive the businesses and wine is what people are asking for…so give the people what they want.

    With some work and the right business, you would think a non-alcohol-driven entity would like to set up shop in AM.

  • voiceofreason

    Is there really a market for a wine shop and/or bar on every corner? I guess we’ll find out soon enough as they seem to open up every month.

  • Anonymous

    Uhhh… AM means Adams Morgan, not morning.

  • Pat McCoy

    Fantastic business mix. Skynear and Cashions are two of the great businesses in Adams Morgan. It’s a perfect blend. Wonderful gourmet food and wine on one level and Skynear Furniture on another. Skynear opened a year after I moved to Adams Morgan. They have been the most wonderful neighbors. They took a broken down dark drabby building and turned it into an Adams Morgan landmark. When everybody else ran out of Adams Morgan after civil disturbances Skynear stayed on. They have always been involved in the community. Cashion’s my favorite resturant is also involved in the community.
    It’s a perfect marriage. Both these businesses are making our neighborhood a much nicer place to live. All those who have such great business ideas I strongly encourage them to open one. This will bring great diverse life to this part of Adams Morgan. Congratulations AM Shoppe with two ps. My family will be the first in line.

    • NoName

      It has nothing to do with skynear. It is just in Skynear’s old basement space.

  • M. Carrell

    I can’t wait for a place where I can stop on my way home and pick up some delicious antipasta, fresh baked bread or desserts made, I understand, at the Cashions restaurant and brought to AM Shoppe. I’m tired of pizza and felafil. A nice bottle of wine to go with my antipasta wouldn’t hurt.


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