Dear PoP – What’s Up With DC’s Drinking Water?

by Prince Of Petworth October 28, 2009 at 3:00 pm 60 Comments

Broken Water Filter, originally uploaded by newbiemind.


“Dear PoP,

I recently moved into DC from Arlington, and while I’m loving the change, I’m not so thrilled with how my tap water tastes. Even filtered through my Brita pitcher, it has a not-so-delicious “metallic sewage” scent and flavor. I don’t want to go to bottled water – expensive and wasteful – so I was wondering if any readers had suggestions on undersink or other types of filters that worked well in DC? I was reading the annual water quality drinking report (http://www.dcwasa.com/waterquality/waterquality_reports.cfm), and it identified some specific problems in DC water, so I was hoping someone had already done all the research about what was the best filter to remove those particular contaminants!


Thirsty Reader”

This is a great question. The best solution I’ve come up with is that I use a brita filter on my tap and then I pour that water directly into a brita pitcher for a double filtration. And if all else fails I then mix in a healthy dose of powdered iced-tea mix… What sort of filters do you guys use?


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