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  • andy

    there might just be a niche between alberto’s at the high end and jumbo slice at the low, low end.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t Alberto’s just Jumbo Slice with rosemary sprinkled on top?

  • With a $28 pricetag? Why, yes. Yes it is.

  • SV

    I’m going venture a guess that a pizza place that uses stock imagery of burgers, wings and white girls eating pizza to advertise its opening is not going to be worth going out of your way to try.

  • Poonie G

    Alberto’s is crap. I’d rather have the low-end original old fashioned jumbo slice from Pizza Mart.

  • Um, yeah, what SV said.

  • resident

    well, school is back in session so we need all the pizza joints we can get. can we petition for more liquor licenses, too? hate to have the kiddies run out of booze while they are wrecking the neighborhood.

  • New Hampy

    kind of agree with sv. the lack of imagination demonstrated by the poster and food offerings beyond pizza are not things that make me want to come running.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget Pi…it’s an actual pizza place, with places to sit down and wine to drink…and the pizza’s pretty good too…

    Alas, this new joint, the neighborhood could do without.

  • Alberto’s was my favorite DC pizza! People are weirdly picky.


    I simply love this $5 special of a renovation job. Are those walls plastic panels?

    It’s like flyer ‘designed’ in Word with clipart of remodeling jobs!

    Me love.

  • MetTheOwnerAndHe’sAGreatGuy

    Hey SV, U Street girl, New Hampy, and Christopher, you judgmental graphic design snobs — as soon as you move across the ocean to a foreign continent with your young family, raise enough capital to start up your own business in an already flooded market, make the best quality product that you can afford to given the financial constraints of the situation, and be so dedicated and hard-working that you not only run the business end of everything, monitor the staff and buy all the supplies, but also make the pies and actually deliver them door-to-door yourself, let us all know, you snotty little elitist pricks.

    At that point I’ll take my high-end laptop, jump on a local hipster blog while sipping my macchiato in whichever Third Wave coffeeshop has the most cred that week, and start spouting off about something as terribly important as one’s advertising budget and whether or not there’s a smiling white girl in the ad. I thoroughly look forward to overlooking any consideration of the quality of your product or honesty of your enterprise, and instead making snide jokes at your expense based exclusively on superficialities.

    In the meantime, enjoy your smug self-satisfaction and unearned conveniences, and please steer clear of the real people who contribute to society, you self-absorbed judgmental dicks.


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